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Fall 2013


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So-So SuperMoon

The Fishermen

Bob, the newest member of the neighborhood, and his grandson out enjoying a beautiful fall day at the lake.

We’re at it again…

What's another ton of rock when you're among friends?

Two summers ago, Jan and I went out and got a couple tons of river rock and used it as landscaping borders where we have some plants and bushes. Well, we decided to add some more rock, so yesterday Jan went out and got another ton of rock and we spent the better part of this morning and early afternoon spreading it. I’ll be glad when we get a good rain, right now they just look like dirt clods.

Pano 7-2-2011


Jan and I were sitting here eating dinner when we noticed it was getting very dark outside. I decided I ought to run out and pull the plug on my boat in case the 30% chance of rain happened, as well as take the fish finder out of my boat since I’ll be out of town for a few days. As I was walking out there I saw a flash of lightning with loud thunder. As I was walking back up to the house the wind picked up and the tops of the trees started swirling. That’s when the hail started. Literally within seconds it was looking like snow on the ground. The air cooled off considerable and the fog came rolling in. It as a pretty awesome storm, all except for the tree that got snapped in the backyard.

Now I guess we need to get some of the neighbors to come on over and help us get that part of the tree cleaned up.

Open to a little conversation…

A couple of different times this week, as I’ve either gone down to the lake, or as I’m walking back, this little guy runs out in front of me. If I start talking to him, he stops and sits for awhile.

Split Image

Our neighbor Joe and his buddy out fishing at the lake.