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The view from the lake looking over our house.


This little dude, along with a whole bunch of his buddies, are sitting just outside our open living room window screaming their little lungs out! The cats are looking around wondering what the heck all the noise is about!


No wonder…

we’re sneezing our fool heads off…

The Bradford Pear trees have been in full bloom for awhile now.

Snowstorm 2011

As the local TV station calls it- here as some photos from Snowstorm 2011.  Now compared to “Northern” standards we didn’t get a ton of snow. But for here in the south the 8″ we got pretty much paralyzed the area. To add to it, we then got a freezing rain which has turned all of our roads into ice skating rinks. Monday was suppose to be my first day back to class for the Spring term, but obviously school was closed, so I went out and had a little fun sledding with the neighbor.

After the snow fun, we all gathered at the neighbors house and had good eats and lots of fun (thanks Joe and Gayle). But that night after we got home a stomach bug got the best of me and and I spent most of the day Tuesday asleep.(thanks Kim for braving the elements and bringing me Gatorade and apples)

Due to the road conditions school was canceled Tuesday and Wednesday as well. A part of me is hoping they cancel school tomorrow as well, and we can start fresh next week.

Winter Wonderland

Day after Christmas and we have snow everywhere- and the lake has a thin layer of ice

Christmas 2010

Arien is looking for her gift.

Next year, instead of gifts, we are just gonna give them wrapping paper!

Look at what the wind blew in…

Santa came a little early this year!

Can you believe…

We’ve already cleared leaves 3 times this fall… and haven’t even gotten started yet!

A little slow this year…

I guess I was a bit late this year to get a GREAT fall colors photo from the lake. But it’s still beautiful out there!