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Split Image

Our neighbor Joe and his buddy out fishing at the lake.


The view from the lake looking over our house.

Trace tornado

April 29th tornado devastation along the Natchez Trace. This went on for miles.


No wonder…

we’re sneezing our fool heads off…

The Bradford Pear trees have been in full bloom for awhile now.

Winter Wonderland

Day after Christmas and we have snow everywhere- and the lake has a thin layer of ice


Christmas 2010

Arien is looking for her gift.

Next year, instead of gifts, we are just gonna give them wrapping paper!

47 Years in the making…

The last white Christmas in Upstate South Carolina was in 1943…

A little slow this year…

I guess I was a bit late this year to get a GREAT fall colors photo from the lake. But it’s still beautiful out there!