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Watson Mill Covered Bridge

Watson Mill Bridge is a 229-foot covered bridge spanning the Broad River, and was built in 1885. It’s located in Madison County, near Comer, GA-




Cades Cove 2013


We decided at the last minute (around 11:30 am) to take a quick day trip to Gatlinburg, to ride the trike through Cades Cove.





Egans Creek Greenway 2012 – Part III

Egans Creek Greenway 2012 – Part II

Egans Creek Greenway 2012

Ft Clinch State Park- Fernandina Beach, FL

Last Day on the Trail

As I was walking along the trail, I saw this Blue Heron on the hunt, while I was watching, several people can walking, biking and jogging by and the Heron stood still. I waited, and about 5 minutes later it started hunting again, walking through the water real slow… When suddenly he snatched a crawdad out of the water.

Each day on the trail I saw dozens of turtles- they are everywhere!

I didn’t see many White Egrets along the trail. Mostly I saw they flying in the distance. And the ones I did see spooked really easy.

Amelia Island Lighthouse

Fernandina Beach, FL - Amelia Island Lighthouse

Egans Creek Greenway Day II

Egans Creek Greenway