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Today, my Grandad would be 103!
Here’s a picture of him as a young boy. ( He’s the one with the arrow pointing at him )

Cowgirl Up!

Today was Kendall’s Fourth
Birthday party. She wanted
a horse party… so, we spent
the afternoon at Stillwater
Farms so the kids could all
ride the horses. The party was
a huge hit, and as usual Kendall
was as cute as can be!

Jan, Pam and Kendall all shook
their booties… I think Kevin
thought they were all crazy!

Upstate Pride 2010

Today Jan and I rode over to Spartanburg, SC to join in on Upstate Pride.  It’s estimated approx 1500 people showed up in support of LGBT pride, as well as a few groups of  protesters.  Considering this is only the 2nd annual gay pride march in Spartanburg, they had a fairly good turn out.

Mothers Day

05092010 015Aunt Barb and I went to have brunch with Grandma for Mothers Day- it was a nice way to spend the morning.

05092010 029

Slightly excited….

I think Chewie is a little excited about our road trip!

YouTube Preview Image

First Day of Spring…

Supposedly it is the first day of spring- could have fooled me!

03202010 045
Jan and I are in El Reno, OK on or way to Vegas to see my mom for a few days! Aside from the snow we have had a great trip so far- We started out yesterday and made it to Olive Branch, MS and spent the night with my cousins Soni and Matt! It was a lot of fun catching up with them, and we enjoyed a nice dinner and a comfy bed! Thanks Guys!  We set off this morning and met our friends Ray and Bethany for lunch in Little Rock. It’s a funny story about them- We first met Ray and Bethany in Santa Rosa, NM 2 years ago while we were on our cross country motorcycle trip, and have managed to stay in touch thanks to computers. Well today we met up with them again and had a great time! Hopefully this was just one of many encounters we will have with the two of them!

03202010 021

Bowling with Kendall

Kendall turned 3 today and we all celebrated over the weekend with a bowling party!

39th(?) Birthday!

03142010 ma

Love ya Ma

Together Again….

After spending the last 3 years apart, Rocky & BullWinkle are together again.

I got Rocky & BullWinkle 12 years ago. They were liter mates, and both were in poor health. They came from a house that had several liters of cats and weren’t well taken care of. They both had upper-respiratory infections and runny eyes. I gave them all the love and care that I could and their health improved but was never great. Through the years they were treated with antibiotics and eye ointments- which seemed to work for a little while, but their problems would soon return. Three years ago we had to put Rocky to sleep due to kidney failure, and today Jan and I put our cute little BullWinkle to sleep. She was 12 years old and blessed our lives. Over the last year or so, she has lost her eyesight and has been progressively losing weight. After talking with the Veterinarian, we decided it was time to let her go. We will miss BullWinkle, but we are relieved to know she will be reunited with Rocky once again.

Another one please…

A conversation between Aunt Joan and Uncle Henry during their visit in Honey Creek, IA in 1987

Aunt Joan: (trying to explain to Uncle Henry that he doesn’t always have to accept the offer of a beer)
Ok Henry, now lets practice. If someone comes up, and offers you a beer, what do you say?

Uncle Henry: N…N…N….N…N…N…. I can’t do this.

Aunt Joan: Henry, you can do this- just say Nooooooo

Uncle Henry: N…N…N….N…N…N….

Aunt Joan: Nooooooo…..

Uncle Henry: N…N…N….N…N…N….Nother one please!