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Veterans Day 2011

Our neighbor Lauren, invited Jan to her school today to honor her for her service in the military. A small group interviewed Jan on her experiences and presented her with homemade cards and a chorus performance. It was a good day indeed!

End of the Trace

After 1397 miles, and 5 days we are home from our motorcycle trip down to Jackson, MS and up the Natchez Trace then back across southern TN and northern GA. It was a fun trip but I’m glad to be home.

Jackson to Tupelo

Today we rode the Natchez Trace from Jackson to Tupelo.

Here you see Jan and Radar along the original trace where over the years Indians, slaves, settlers and soldiers all walked through here.  It’s kind of awe inspiring to think of the history along this trail.

I think Radar was mostly interested in the 1927 Model T which was parked along the side of the Trace.

I think one of the neatest places was the cypress swamp.

Water Tupelo and Baldcypress Trees live in the deep water of the swamp. (alligators live in this swamp, however I wasn’t lucky enough to see one)

The Bynum mounds are burial mounds that were believed to have been made 1800-2100 years ago.

We’re going to Jackson…

Well actually we are already in Jackson, but that song has been stuck in Jan’s head for days, so I figured I would help her along and remind her of it just in case she managed to clear it earlier today.

If you look real hard, you can see Radar in the mirror (today was our day to lead). Tomorrow we will start our cruise up Natchez Trace.

Chilly Start

At 7am this morning we set out on the trike to meet up with our buddy Radar so we could take a quick little trip (about a week) to ride the Natchez Trace. Today we drove about 360 miles of back road highways and have arrived in Phenix, Alabama. We have about 340 miles to ride on to Jackson, MS where we will catch the trace and follow it on up to Nashville, TN. Todays ride was nice, albeit chilly and a little damp.  We hit about a half dozen isolated showers on the journey, and as you can see the rain definitely cooled things down as steam rises from the road.

Farewell to a friend…

Today we received the news that our friend Kathy passed away from lung cancer. Anyone who’s met Kathy, knows what a great loss her passing will be. You will be missed!

Upstate Pride 2010

Today Jan and I rode over to Spartanburg, SC to join in on Upstate Pride.  It’s estimated approx 1500 people showed up in support of LGBT pride, as well as a few groups of  protesters.  Considering this is only the 2nd annual gay pride march in Spartanburg, they had a fairly good turn out.

Hercules Steve

Salt Lick Bar-B-Que

04032010 023
Check out this Bar-B-Que Pit at the Salt Lick in Autstin, TX. We stopped off to visit some friends on our way home from our little journey and they took us out to eat at their favorite Bar-B-Que in Texas.

04032010 007
See all the people… now multiply that by ten, and that’s close to how many people were waiting to get inside to eat.

04032010 013
We had a great time visiting while we waited our turn- quite surprisingly it only took about an hour to get a table. (l-r) Lexi, Em and Paul.
04032010 027
The food was awesome and well worth the wait- thanks Paul, Angela, Em & Lexi

First Day of Spring…

Supposedly it is the first day of spring- could have fooled me!

03202010 045
Jan and I are in El Reno, OK on or way to Vegas to see my mom for a few days! Aside from the snow we have had a great trip so far- We started out yesterday and made it to Olive Branch, MS and spent the night with my cousins Soni and Matt! It was a lot of fun catching up with them, and we enjoyed a nice dinner and a comfy bed! Thanks Guys!  We set off this morning and met our friends Ray and Bethany for lunch in Little Rock. It’s a funny story about them- We first met Ray and Bethany in Santa Rosa, NM 2 years ago while we were on our cross country motorcycle trip, and have managed to stay in touch thanks to computers. Well today we met up with them again and had a great time! Hopefully this was just one of many encounters we will have with the two of them!

03202010 021