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Cades Cove 2013


We decided at the last minute (around 11:30 am) to take a quick day trip to Gatlinburg, to ride the trike through Cades Cove.





Egans Creek Greenway 2012 – Part III

Egans Creek Greenway 2012 – Part II

Egans Creek Greenway 2012

Ft Clinch State Park- Fernandina Beach, FL

Last Day on the Trail

As I was walking along the trail, I saw this Blue Heron on the hunt, while I was watching, several people can walking, biking and jogging by and the Heron stood still. I waited, and about 5 minutes later it started hunting again, walking through the water real slow… When suddenly he snatched a crawdad out of the water.

Each day on the trail I saw dozens of turtles- they are everywhere!

I didn’t see many White Egrets along the trail. Mostly I saw they flying in the distance. And the ones I did see spooked really easy.

Amelia Island Lighthouse

Fernandina Beach, FL - Amelia Island Lighthouse


Today Jan and I drove north to the Currituck Beach Lighthouse located in Corolla, NC. The construction was finished in 1875 and was the last lighthouse built along the North Carolina coastline. This is one of the only lighthouses that is not painted. They left it in it’s natural state to make it distinguishable from other light stations in the area.

Wright-eous Dudes!

Orville and Wilbur were two righteous dudes. It was a goose bumpy kinda of feeling today when we walked where the Wright Brothers successfully flew an airplane on December 17, 1903. The first flight lasted 12 seconds and stretched 120 ft. By the fourth attempt of the day Orville flew 59 seconds and made it 852 feet.  The two brothers chose this spot due to the soft sandy landings, as well as the area clear of trees. The high winds of the area were also beneficial to create lift.

In the bottom image you can see a rail directly in front of the monument. The brothers used this rail to create a smooth take off surface.


Along one of the beaches in Nags Head, a couple of people were “trying” to kitesurf. We never did see them actually succeed at it… But it still looked like they were having a good time.

Bodie Island Lighthouse, near Nags Head, Outer Banks, NC The reconstruction on the lighthouse is set to be complete in 2012.