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Myra's Beauty Salon

Myra's Beauty Salon

Well it’s haircut time once again, and Myra was nice enough to open her “Beauty Salon” for us today. Jan and I both we in major need of haircuts- It’s so much nicer having short hair when you are traveling with a helmet all the time. Sue was lucky enough to be the recipient of a haircut as well.




Meet Fely, she has a cute little Cafe at the Sportsman Beach in Brookings/Harbor. She has the best hamburgers and blt’s around. She is also quite a character!

Food....We are definetely on the coast….

We miss our babies….

The only problem with traveling- We miss our babies….
thekidsStubby, Arien, Spooky and BullWinkle

Day 9 Road Trip- May 28, 2008 part I


We had another beautiful day of riding- the scenery was absolutely gorgeous. Northern California and Oregon really are breathtaking. We saw lots of vineyards and of course the Redwoods and Ocean. The further north we went the cooler the air got. By the time the day was over I had on 5 layers. I looked like a puffed up marshmallow- but hey, I was warm!

Day 9 Road Trip- May 28, 2008 part II

More scents of the roadoceanThe Ocean
The Redwoods
fresh baked bread


Day 9 Road Trip- May 28, 2008 part III

the Redwoods


If you have never been to the Redwoods- It’s one place I highly recommend. Anytime you start feeling kinda “big” on yourself, go stand next to a Redwood and you will soon realize just how small and insignificant you really are. To see a tree that has been around for 1800 years is really quite amazing.

This video is for my good friend who has traveled
cross country in a truck- but has never seen the redwoods! Enjoy!
YouTube Preview Image

Day 9 Road Trip- May 28, 2008 part IV


WE’RE IN OREGON, WE’RE IN OREGON…159It feels so good to be back in Oregon amongst our friends and the Ocean. We brought our kite with us- So in the next few days we will have to go test the Oregon Coast winds. We are gonna spend some time here- rest up from our journey, and then see where the road takes us.

For Aunt Barb

Happy Birthday!!

My Jan

8-009 gas
Let me tell you a thing or two about my Jan. She is such an awesome person. She is such a fun, loving and easy going person. She puts up with me… so she is also a saint! We have had so much fun together on this trip- and the last 2 years as well.

Since we are traveling on the motorcycle- she has had to drive the whole trip (nearly 2800 miles so far). She has fought the wind and the traffic without a complaint. I’m not sure I could do what she is doing.

I love my Jan!

Day 8 Road Trip- May 27, 2008 part I

8-006 roseWhen you race across the country in your car, with the windows up and the air conditioning running, you don’t get to appreciate all the smells the roads have to offer- here’s a short list of the most memorable scents we have encountered on the road:

car exhaust
fresh cut grass
wild fire smoke
citrus trees
overheated semi brakes

and last but not least…….