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Day 8 Road Trip- May 27, 2008 part II

8-052 bridgeThis is while we are crossing the Richmond-San Rafael bridge. This is the first time either of us have ever taken this route- it was Quite beautiful.
8-065 fieldtrip
Class of cows on a field trip!

Day 8 Road Trip- May 27, 2008 part III

8-002 hay

8-061 us

Here we are in Novato, CA. We are about 30 miles short of our planned stop for the night. We had a beautiful drive today- right up until we connected on Highway 101. Apparently there was a bad accident just north of here that shut the highway down. We spent 3 1/2 hours in a traffic jam and only managed to actually advance about 3 miles. We are excited to get on the road tomorrow and reach Brookings, OR.


DedicationThis is what I call dedication!! The Internet wasn’t working in our room. So I was trying to connect in the parking lot- Ended up having to sit in the hotel lobby to post!

Day 7 Road Trip- May 26, 2008 part I

We now know why it has been so windy on this trip-

Day 7 Road Trip- May 26, 2008 part I

Someone left the fans on!

Day 7 Road Trip- May 26, 2008 part I

This has to be one of the ugliest WELCOME TO signs I’ve ever seen! Such a disappointment after missing the Arizona sign yesterday.

Woohooo— We are on the west coast!

Day 7 Road Trip- May 26, 2008 part I
A little collage of the different sights we saw on the road today!

Day 7 Road Trip- May 26, 2008 part II

Day 7 Road Trip- May 26, 2008 part II

When we pulled into this gas station I could hardly believe my eyes! There is no way the gas really costs $5.59/gallon for regular. Surely there is a mistake! Not so, the proof was at the pumps!!!


Day 7 Road Trip- May 26, 2008 part III

Day 7 Road Trip- May 26, 2008 part III

Today has turned out to be a day of “lines” we started out, just outside of Kingman, AZ waiting to get gas.

Then we waited in line at the inspection station after we entered California- Thank goodness this line progressed quit smoothly.

We then had the pleasure of waiting in line at the rest area. A little girl was hopping around needing to go pretty bad, so everyone let her jump the line. I tried the same thing- and they all just laughed at me!

Where I’m going—–Where I’ve been
Day 7 Road Trip- May 26, 2008 part III
I’ve always heard that it’s important to focus on where I am going- and not dwell on where I have been! But I honestly can’t tell the difference!

We are now in Bakersfield, CA- we had a great trip today- we did encounter some wind and a little cold. But for the most part we had a really smooth trip! Tomorrow we are headed to Santa Rosa, CA.

Day 6 Road Trip- May 25, 2008


One of my favorite things about traveling on the motorcycle, is how friendly other riders are! The majority of them wave at us as we pass- even those on the other side of the interstate. Not only are the riders friendly, but so are a lot of drivers. We have had a handful of times where people will take pictures or videos of us as we pass- A majority of the truckers wave at us as well. If Jan & I were in a car- no one would ever take notice- But thats not the case on the trike.

6-02I’ve seen so many abandoned places along the road on this trip. This place is west of Albuquerque.


New snow cover on Mt. Taylor , NM6-01

Now I would like to introduce you to “Whipper”. She is the most awesome antenna buddy.


Yesterday we bought some new seat cushions- Oh my goodness my butt feels so much better today. Amazing what a little gel cushion can do for a girls back side.

6-05We spent a few hours of our day listening to the Atlanta Braves vs the Arizona Diamond Back on our XM Radio. Unfortuneately our beloved Braves pretty much fell on their faces and lost to the Diamond Backs 9-3. Chipper Jones was on the DL- the Braves usually lose when he’s not playing- all I have to say is “Get Better Chipper!”


I think we have seen more trains today than we have all the other days of the trip put together.

6-07Our day started out absolutely beautiful. It was a bit cool- but the winds were calm- that is for the first 150 miles- after that- we had high crosswinds again- I’m starting to sound like a broken record. I hope tomorrow brings us calmer winds. PLEASE WIND GODS!


Entering Arizona- although by this picture you can’t tell- I was all set to get a photo of the “Welcome to Arizona” sign- when a gust of wind hit us- and shifted the angle of my camera by about 45 degrees- I completely missed the shot. I did however manage to get a shot of the sign directing us to the visitors center! I was so bummed out about missing the acutal sign- I almost asked Jan to turn around!

6-10Reflection of us in the side of this shiny black truck.

6-11Skies over Arizona. As you can tell I like taking cloud photos!


Self portrait in the back of Jan’s helmet. You can see how I’m all bundled up- I have on gloves and about 4 layers of clothes. It got pretty chilly going through the Flagstaff, AZ area. For the last 2 days they have been receiving snow! I’m so glad we didn’t have to drive through it! Our day left us in Kingman, AZ- We drove 470 miles. It feels good to get a few miles behind us. Now we only have about 990 miles left to go. OH MY! If all goes well we should make our destination on Wednesday! It will sure be good to see all our friends, the ocean and the redwoods.

Day 5 Road Trip- May 24, 2008

Meet T.W. (traveling winger) She is our other traveling companion. This is her first trip on the motorcycle- and to be honest. She is doing great. She doesn’t care about the weather at all.

5-1New Mexico landscape. The wind is a bit better today. Headwinds, which is bad for MPG, but much easier than the cross winds we’ve been dealing with the past 2 days.

5-2Clines Corners, NM. I have no idea what the temperatures where here- but I just about froze my butt off. When Jan said she was cold- I knew it had to be cold for sure. She is so hot natured that she runs around in t-shirts when I have sweatshirts on. The store clerk told us that yesterdays high was 37 degrees with rain. We have been real lucky and haven’t hit any rain yet. But we know the coast will provide more precipitation than we really want.


Here we are in Old Town Albuquerque. We both wanted Mexican food, as well as margaritas again today.

Here’s my lunch, I ordered a Chimichanga, but this wasn’t fried, so I’m not sure what it was. Whatever it was, it was sure good…. and hot!

This was the first time Jan had ever seen me eating food that was too hot for me. I only got about half of my lunch eaten before my lips were totally numb! I think she actually enjoyed seeing me sweat! haha But…. I got to drink about half of her margarita- It was too strong for her.


There is a real pretty church in Old Town- and this fellow was spending his afternoon drawing it.


San Felipe de Neri Church in Old Town. When we walked in the church you could hear the most beautiful music playing up at the alter.


Historic Route 66 in Albuquerque, NM

Day 4 Road Trip- May 23, 2008


We had a calm spot in the road so I thought I would try to take a few pictures! And just in case you forgot what I look like- here I am!

Skies over Texas. Today has been a funny day temperature wise. We went from blistering skies and ice chilled bandannas around our necks in Texas, to very chilly air and jackets in New Mexico.

After a day of being beaten and battered by the winds across OK, TX and eastern NM, Jan and I were both ready for a margarita!

Oklahoma landscape- Well the winds have not improved in the least bit. For a fact- I think they are much worse. We are really having to struggle through the winds again today. Our goal is to make it to Albuquerque, NM, but thats not gonna happen. We will end up having to stop in Santa Rosa, NM.

Entering Texas! Remember in my Day 3 post when I said Oklahoma was not my favorite state? Well I have seriously reconsidered that statement and would like to now announce that Texas is NOT my favorite state. It was windy, hot, and desolate. I am so glad we only had to drive through the panhandle of the state!!! It was so windy- I almost missed the shot of the sign.

This is Asher- she is one of our riding companions. Jan and I bought her when we were on our first cross country road trip together. She has been a good companion. Rarely complains about the wind, temps or rain.
The view of the back of our bike. We have a utility trailer to carry all our clothes, books and a cooler full of water. Our good friend Ken built us a box to mount on the tongue of the trailer so we have a place to store some extra fuel. When you have such a small gas tank, you need to stop quite often for gas. And I’m sure at some point down the road we may find ourselves in a position of being miles from the nearest gas station.
Entering New Mexico. Once again we didn’t travel quite as far as we would have liked. I think we made it about 360 miles. But we were both quite ready to stop.

Day 3 Road Trip- May 22, 2008


Entering Oklahoma! Oklahoma was not my favorite state. We had cross winds that reached gusts of 50+ mph. We didn’t drive as far today as we would have liked. We only made it 265 miles. We spent the night in Clinton OK and we had tornado warnings all around us. The motel clerk was real nice and flagged us down and told us to move the motorcycle under the check in canopy so it wouldn’t get damaged by hail.

Oklahoma City, OK- It was kind of an eerie feeling driving through OK City. I thought a lot about the 1995 bombing of the federal building and all the people who died there. As a photo journalist the image of the fire fighter holding the baby still haunts me. I said a silent little prayer as we passed by.