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A little grooming….

It’s amazing the difference a couple of hours of work
and a whole lot of sweat can make!!

A little grooming....In this photo I posted a couple of days ago- you can see how overgrown the bank had become- We had a small path that led us to the lake.

A little grooming....But after working a few hours over the last 2 days- we now have a clearer view of the lake from our house! YEA!!! That’s always a happy thing!

Our Backyard….

Sights in the Backyard…
Our Backyard....Daisies

Our Backyard....Blackberries

628-009Poison Ivy on the path to the lake- Linda pointed this out to me last night- I hadn’t noticed it was even there. As a kid I use to really react to poison ivy- We would go out fishing- and silly me would play in the ditches- and be covered head to toe with a rash. As I’ve gotten older I haven’t noticed any reactions- but maybe I’ve just gotten smarter, and haven’t rolled around in it like I use to!
Our Backyard....We got out the mowers tonight after it cooled down a bit- Jan had the riding mower down by the lake- here she must have hit a dirt mound…. ick! I had the push mower trying to plow through all the brush on the hill heading down to the lake. The riding mower ended up breaking a belt- so we decided we ought to take advantage of the break and go fishing.
628-029I like to go out in the boat- Jan likes to stay on land… She was the only one to get a fish tonight!
Our Backyard....It sure is pretty here….

Where's Waldo…

I know our house is in there somewhere!
I went out fishing again today. I love being able to walk out the back door- get in my boat and catch fish. It was pretty hot so the fish weren’t real active- but I did catch 3 fish- so the day is not lost!

Our kids…

bullspook6-22Here are our 2 oldest “kids”-(l-r), BullWinkle is 10 and Spooky is 8. We think Spooky may have lost a little weight since we’ve been gone. BullWinkle and Spooky have both been following the two of us all around the house. Guess they are afraid to lose sight of us, for fear we will disappear again.
Our kids...Stubby is our “middle child”,he’s 3 years old this year! He was pretty freaked out when we got home- he doesn’t adjust to change much. All last night he was pretty fidgety- but today- he curled up in my lap and took a nap!
Our kids...Arien is our “baby”- she just turned a year old in April. She has been showering us with love since we got home. She is the type, if you pick her up and put her on your shoulder, she will lay her head up against yours to give you a hug. Such a sweet little girl. We think Arien “found” Spooky’s lost weight- she’s gained quite a bit!

Just one of many reasons I'm happy we're home…

Just one of many reasons I'm happy we're home...This is one of the 3 fish I caught (2 smallmouth bass and 1 bluegill) within about 25 minutes of fishing- Unfortunately I had to quit fishing right after I caught this one, because we had a downpour! As you can tell I’m getting a little wet! It was in the upper 80’s so the rain felt quite nice!
happy home001It looks like it may have stopped raining- I see the sun again- so I think I’ll go back out fishing…

We're Home!!!

We're Home!!!Entering North Carolina- almost home…
We're Home!!!It’s starting to look like home now! We are both so excited to get home and see our kitties.
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Entering South Carolina– WooHoo…

We're Home!!!A picture speaks a thousand words… Or in this case, 3 words….

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We’re home- after driving 6,739 miles we have officially rode our trike out to the west coast and back! What an awesome trip. I’m sure we will go on other trips like this, but none will compare to the first trip on the trike. We’ve been gone nearly 5 weeks- which means it will take me the next 2 weeks to get all the cat hair vacuumed from the furniture… hahaha

finalmapWe’re in home just in time for Wing Ding 30. It’s the national GoldWing Rally and it’s being held here in Greenville, SC on July 3-6. Thousands of GoldWing riders will be in town for this event- ought to make for some good pictures…

Crossing the Mississippi

Crossing the Mississippi River entering Cairo, IL- the bridge was built in 1929. It was quite an awesome view of the Mississippi- you could see where the Mississippi and the Ohio rivers converge. Luckily the flooding hasn’t reached that far downstream- There was a bit of water in fields off to the side of the Ohio- but it wasn’t the widespread flooding like they are experiencing up north. I hope you don’t get motion sick watching it!!!
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Day 33 Road Trip- June 21, 2008

Day 33 Road Trip- June 21, 2008
Ohio River where it converges with the Mississippi River at Cairo, IL
Day 33 Road Trip- June 21, 2008
Entering Kentucky
Day 33 Road Trip- June 21, 2008
We stopped off at a little (I mean- LITTLE) BBQ place called Prince Pit BBQ, in Barlow, KY.
Day 33 Road Trip- June 21, 2008
The food was pleasantly tasty… Apparently they had been featured on the Food Networks “Good Eats”.
Day 33 Road Trip- June 21, 2008
Well- here we are in Tennessee for the 2nd time on this trip. We are nearly home. I am so excited to see our kitties. I’m sure they will be happy to see us as well, once they are through pouting… We had another wonderful day of riding. Considering how long we have been on the road- we have been very fortunate.

When things get hot…

When things get hot...When things get hot- Jan and I each have a bandanna that we soak in ice cold water out of our ice chest and tie it around our neck- It sure helps cool things down when the sun is beating down on you! We decided the only humane thing would be to get bandanna’s for our riding buddies as well…

When things get hot...

When things get hot...
When things get hot...

Day 32 Road Trip- June 20, 2008

Day 32 Road Trip- June 20, 2008

What an absolutely beautiful day we had today- We couldn’t have asked for better riding weather. We did have kind of a sobering moment today- we have been lucky- and hadn’t seen any accidents so far on the trip. But today, while driving on US Highway 60 through Missouri, there was a small SUV that had struck a deer. It happened just moments before we came upon it. The deer of course didn’t make it- the SUV’s front window was smashed out right in front of the driver, and along the drivers side of the vehicle was smashed up a bit as well. The passengers all appeared to be ok- shaken up a bit, but ok (I think the driver hurt his hand). We have been very vigilant as we drive down the roads, watching for animals. We’ve seen several deer and antelope standing along the roadside- but have been very fortunate in our travels. May all the little “road gremlins” stay clear!

Day 32 Road Trip- June 20, 2008

Can you believe you actually have to pay to drive through parts of Kansas? Seems to me, they should pay us to come see the state!!!

Day 32 Road Trip- June 20, 2008

I got kind of a special treat today- I love Taco Johns. This is the first time we have eaten at a fast food restaurant since we left, but when I saw that there was a Taco Johns in Lawrence, KS I just knew we would have to eat some “junk food”! We don’t have TJ in South Carolina, and I didn’t have one in SLC either- the only time I ever had the opportunity to eat it is when I would be visiting back home in Nebraska… yea for me… I got to eat Taco Johns.

Day 32 Road Trip- June 20, 2008

Entering Missouri… bye bye Kansas!

By the end of our day (476 miles closer to home) we did get rained on a little. Not enough to stop and put on our rain suits- but enough to help make us feel thankful for the mostly dry weather we have experienced on this trip. It looks like we have rainy weather over the weekend during the last 573 miles of the trip!

Day 32 Road Trip- June 20, 2008