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Weather, Weather, Weather…

Today’s scenery was pretty much exclusively nasty looking clouds. When we started out this morning in Colby, KS, the skies were really dark in the south. The skies then kind of calmed down, but the sun never did really surface. Then as we proceeded east, the skies started looking a little creepy again… and even creepier….. And even creepier yet… I was able to log onto my computer using Sapp Bros internet while we were getting gas- I checked the radar and we decided it was time to call it a day, even though we only rode about 250 miles. We’re in Junction City, KS. As you can see by the radar, if we would have continued on, we would be right in the middle of severe thunderstorms with “damaging winds and hail”. We both felt like we could have continued on another 2-3 hours- but I’m glad we stopped. Better safe than sorry!

I forgot to mention….

We ate lunch in Salina, KS today- and right after we got back on the road we saw 9 vehicles that were storm chasers zoom past us heading east towards the storms ahead of us! That alone made us consider stopping early for the night!

Route Update June, 19 2008

JC KS mapWe have traveled 5,675 miles so far on this trip. We have just slightly over 1,000 left to go!

Day 30 Road Trip- June 18, 2008

Day 30 Road Trip- June 18, 2008We had some major excitement today- apparently T.W. decided she wanted to see the sights up close and personal so she threw herself off the motorcycle while we were cruising at “an excessively high rate of speed”! We had to pull over and I trekked on down the mountain pass to pick her up! Crazy girl! We think she was suffering from altitude sickness and wasn’t in her right mind!!

Day 30 Road Trip- June 18, 2008

Day 30 Road Trip- June 18, 2008
We had a gorgeous ride today through the mountains between Steamboat Springs and Denver.

Day 30 Road Trip- June 18, 2008

Downtown Denver, Co

Day 30 Road Trip- June 18, 2008

“Woohoo…. We’re in Kansas!” (I scream sarcastically) We are now in Colby (and no it’s not the cheese). We had an awesome steak dinner and we’re gonna spend the night. According to the hotel clerk- there was a tornado about an hour east of here. (Which would explain the high winds the last 40 miles of the ride) I’m glad we didn’t decide to try and go further.

Day 30 Road Trip- June 18, 2008

Kansas Landscape- Wow- if it weren’t for the curvature of the earth, I would swear I could see the St. Louis Arch from here…

Day 29 Road Trip- June 17, 2008

Just in case I haven’t said howdy recently…

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The Long and Winding Road…

Day 29 Road Trip- June 17, 2008

Ok- so it’s not really “winding”- actually it’s fairly straight and you can see for miles…. and miles…. and miles…. If you look hard enough, you can see Colorado! Wow- our day sure started out hot in SLC. But as we went up Parley’s things cooled down a bit, and stayed quite nice until we were nearly in Vernal, UT. Then it got hot again… We had a great ride, nearly the complete day was spent on US Highway 40. It’s quite a scenic ride!
Day 29 Road Trip- June 17, 2008
Welcome to Colorful Colorado…. that has to be the best sign yet on this trip!
Day 29 Road Trip- June 17, 2008

The skies over Colorado started looking pretty obnoxious. We managed to only get a little sprinkling of rain. We are now in Steamboat Springs, Co, and in the morning will head on to Kansas. (ugh… Kansas!)


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Dude… I am so dizzy!!

Outtakes from SLC

Outtakes from SLCMy stepdad Larry

Outtakes from SLCJan and Ana

Outtakes from SLCSteve

Outtakes from SLCShawn and Ana

Outtakes from SLCJan and her “boyfriend” Jeff

Outtakes from SLCJulie and Ana

Outtakes from SLCJimmy, Heather and Shawn

Outtakes from SLCRick- he’s so fast he’s nothing but a blur-

Outtakes from SLCJeffy took a pic of us to show off the lights on the trike-

Bye Bye SLC

Well our time in SLC is over- in the morning we will pull out and head to Colorado! It was so good to see friends again. But It’s also great to head along on our journey home. See ya next time…

Big Cottonwood Canyon

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Our day up Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake City, UT

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Day 26 Road Trip- June 14, 2008

Day 26 Road Trip- June 14, 2008Boy, Idaho sure needs to fix their roads…. buuuummmmpppyyy!!

Day 26 Road Trip- June 14, 2008This picture is lousy…. The sign kind of snuck up on me- and I didn’t have time to focus (Obviously!)

Day 26 Road Trip- June 14, 2008Our weather was wonderful again today- clear blue skies the whole way…

26-044…Although, when we got stuck in stop and go traffic on I-15 between Ogden and Salt Lake City, things warmed up a bit more than we would have liked. The temperatures in the city sure are higher than out in the middle of nowhere.

Day 26 Road Trip- June 14, 2008Ah, the skyline of Salt Lake City with the beautiful Wasatch mountains in the background. I lived here in Salt Lake for 10 years- just recently moving to South Carolina with Jan. When we saw downtown, Jan asked how it felt to be back in SLC- and to be honest, it doesn’t feel like much of anything- just another stop on the road. Don’t get me wrong- I’m happy to see my friends. But SLC no longer has any meaning to me!

Day 26 Road Trip- June 14, 2008Meet Ana- She is kind enough to let us crash at her place for the next few days!

Day 26 Road Trip- June 14, 2008Meet Shawn- she had a blast on the back of the trike!

Trip Route updated June 14, 2008

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