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Weekly Ride, July 27, 2008

7.29.08 094

I really look forward to Sundays. We have spent each Sunday this month taking rides with our friends Ken and Linda. It’s become kind of a weekly tradition that I hope we can continue throughout the riding season.

7.29.08 004
Today’s destination was Black Mountain, NC.

7.29.08 010

The route took us past Lake Lure, NC- For those of you who saw Dirty Dancing, This is where some of the filming took place. It’s such a beautiful lake- although it’s really touristy…

<7.29.08 036

…We also saw Chimney Rock, NC…

7.29.08 085

…Once again we rode on a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I love riding the parkway because it’s 469 miles with no stop signs. The parkway is used by cars, motorcyclist, bicyclists and hikers. It’s really a great way to see beautiful mountains and vistas.

Jan and I plan to ride the parkway from Cherokee, NC to the Shenandoah National Park sometime in the near future.

7.29.08 103

We found a perfect way to end our ride- a COKE ICEE

Guard Toad

We came home late tonight- and the only lights on were our landscape lights along our block wall in the driveway. As I walked past one- I noticed our “Guard Toad” was on duty…


While on our trip- a friend of ours introduced me to the game Kakuro. It’s a really obnoxious numbers game. Well… long story short- I now love the darn game and had to go out and get some more books- Unfortunetly I couldn’t find any books here in the Greenville area so I had to order some on

001-1What was I thinking when I ordered a Mensa and Black Belt version of the game….

Merry Christmas….

Oh wait, I meant- Happy Birthday to Me! Well, as you all know, today is my birthday- and it also just so happens to be my first birthday in South Carolina. And what a fine birthday it has been! I got lots of fishing stuff- which is a very happy thing for me. We had a fabulous dinner at the Melting Pot- including…. Margarita… Cheese fondue, Salad… Our main course of Duck, Steak, Chicken, Shrimp, Pot Stickers, Pork and Veggies… and last but not least- Chocolate Fondue.
Since it was my Birthday- Jan took the liberty of taking the pictures for tonights blog- Thanks Jan, I had a great Birthday!

"Builder Ken"

7.22.08 015
7.22.08 022Mr Ken is building us a ramp so we can ride our trike into our shed (that we bought clear back in January) We have had a ramp on order all this time- and have yet to receive it- so we gave up. Thank goodness we know someone as talented as Ken. We always knew he was a craftsman in the art of wood- but now we know he has a talent for welding as well… Good job Ken! We love ya!

7.22.08 008

Meet Buddy T “Butter Butt” Johnson. He is one of Ken and Linda’s cute little doggies. Every time we visit their house, Buddy is hanging out with Ken in his shop.
7.22.08 020
These monstrous mushrooms are along Ken and Linda’s driveway. I kinda thought they were cool- so now you are all forced to look at them on my blog… sorry for the inconvenience!

Weekly Ride, July 20, 2008

Today we took our weekly ride with Ken and Linda- and guess what? It didn’t rain. It’s rained on us every other time we rode with them. But today was beautiful. Greenville’s temperature was to reach 97 degrees today- but we headed up to the mountains where it was much cooler. We drove up to North Carolina and took a ride through Pisgah National Forest and stopped off at Looking Glass Falls.

looking glass 7.20

YouTube Preview Image

Looking Glass Falls is one of the most visited falls in the Southeast- mostly because it’s very easily accessed (you can view it right from the highway, or walk down some steps to the base of the falls) and it’s proximity to the Blue Ridge Parkway. The falls consist of a 30 foot wide cascade and a heigth of 60 foot, it may not be impressive in height, but it’s ranked highly for it’s beauty.

7.20.2008 063

The views on the Blue Ridge Parkway were stunning- it was a bit hazy today- so you couldn’t see as far as you normally could. Even so, we could see for miles in all directions.

7.20.2008 094

Common sight on the road today.

7.20.2008 078

While we were riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we entered the Devils Courthouse Tunnel,- which naturally passes through Devils Courthouse Mountain located in Western North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains. Folk tales say the Devil holds court in a cave in the mountain- personally, I just think it’s a pretty mountain- with a dark tunnel….

Flavor of the Week…


We were at it once again- we got out the ice cream maker and had a little fun. I’ve been wanting Pistachio- Jan doesn’t care for Pistachios, so I guess I’m gonna have to eat it all myself! It’s amazing the sacrifices we make for the ones we love! We also made peach ice cream again- we have to take advantage of all the fresh South Carolina peaches. This batch tastes a lot peachier- so I guess we are getting the hang of it.

Hey Diddle Diddle…. The Cat and the Fiddle….

Lunar Delight

our moon

We had such a beautiful moon tonight- Anytime one of us sees a full moon we always grab the other and show them the beautiful sight. Tonight Jan spotted it first and we went outside to take a look. I think the prettiest moon we have seen together was in October 2006 in Omaha, Ne. We stopped there to see my family, and as we were driving back to our hotel room, the moon loomed in front of us- encompassing the whole sky. It was a moment neither of us will forget.

our moon cratersThe moon has always fascinated me- I, like most kids believed the moon was made of cheese. And I often tried to see the cow jump over the moon. But tonight as I downloaded my pictures- and was looking at the craters- I got a little curious. So I made this little lunar map. There are MILLIONS of impact craters that scar the surface of the moon. Objects (Asteroids, Comets and Meteorites) collide with the moon at an average of 12 miles per second causing craters that range in sizes up to many hundreds of kilometers wide. Many of the largest craters have been flooded by lava so you can’t distinguish the enormity of those craters.

July 13, 2008

We went for another ride today! We arranged to meet Ken and Linda at the North Carolina line.

7.13.2008 008

And…. Once again, it rained. It seems every time we ride with Ken and Linda, it rains! We don’t much mind- we can use the rain.

7.13.08 044

We stopped off at a sporting goods store (my birthday is quickly approaching, and I need fishing gear) and bought Ken and Linda Frogg Toggs (they are the best rain suits we have found) for their birthdays! (which aren’t until October… but they need them now!)

7.13.2008 054

What an awesome fish… Wish I could catch one like that in our lake! Speaking of which- it was yet another beautiful evening on the lake!

7.13.2008 062


Today, as we were coming home from our GWRRA Chapter E meeting in Simpsonville- we stopped off at a local produce stand in Greer, and picked up some peaches.

ice cream 045

So… we did the only sensible thing we could do…. we made homemade peach ice cream!!

ice cream 048

There was one time in grade school, we made ice cream as part of a class project. But aside from that I don’t ever recall having homemade ice cream. Since I’ve moved to South Carolina- our good friend Linda has made it a half a dozen times or so for us- but this is the first time Jan and I have made any. And I am proud to say … It sure is good….