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Blast from the past…Again!

My Aunt sent this picture to me tonight- it’s her favorite one of me and Great Grandad Fletcher!

Picture 6

(I still push my shirt sleeves up past my elbows…)
Thanks Barb for the picture!

Beep! … Beep!

Jan had a new accessory installed on the trike last week…
YouTube Preview Image
…an awesome airhorn!

Happy Birthday Stubby!

Today is Stubby’s Birthday!! (or at least it is his estimated birthday) He is 3 years old! So he is celebrating this awesome day with a new yellow mouse!

Happy Birthday little man!

Weekly Ride, August 24, 2008

8-24 037

This weeks ride was a bit shorter than usual- and it was minus Linda- She had work that needed to be done so we hit the road with Ken.

8-24 001

We returned to the Blue Ridge Parkway- it’s one of our favorite places to ride- It’s so much cooler up in the mountains- not to mention it’s pure beauty. The Parkway always has an abundance of motorcyclists.

8-24 010

Ahhhhh… How Sweet!

me and fletchers

Here are a couple of shots of me with my Great Grandma and Grandpa Fletcher. I believe these were taken in 1972. So I would have been 3 years old!

A dog and a collar….

If a dog and a collar,
cost a dime and a dollar,
and the dog cost a dollar more than the collar,
How much does the collar cost?

Family members should know the answer to this without having to do any math! Great Grandad Fletcher use to say this all the time. I always loved to hear him tell stories- sometimes he would start out with “You want to hear a story? About Jake and Ory, now my stories begun, you want to hear another, about his brother, and now my story is done!” He was such a character. I remember sitting with him as a little girl helping him shave. I would always point out the spots he missed with his electric razor. He had a horse named Rocket. She lived to be 36 years old! He use to tell us kids to “ride her til her tail falls off- and when it does, bring her straight home!” I use to sit on her and stare at her tail- waiting for it to fall off… It’s hard to believe he passed away almost 24 years ago- I still think of him all the time.

(Nearly) weekly ride- Aug 17, 2008

Here are a few shots from todays ride…

BRP Pink Beds

817 034 Above:
The view of the Pink Beds
along the Blue Ridge Parkway. (named for the profusion of pink wildflowers that grow there in the spring, including mountain laurel and rhododendron) Elevation 4822

We went for a ride with Ken and Linda today. We didn’t go last week- Ken was out of state- and the week before Linda had some major school work to finish up for the semester. It felt great to get back out on the road with them…

All along the Parkway we saw hundreds of butterflies- during one of our stops I got this shot of two of them “dancing” around a flower bed.
817 080
jan ken 817 Ken and Jan

817 153

We stopped off at the French Broad River, near Hendersonville, NC. Every time I see the river I think of a song by Michelle Malone- called Lafayette (you can hear it here).

When we first walked down to the rivers edge we saw this little catfish hanging out. He was so calm I was able to reach down and touch his tail. The photo of the fish didn’t turn out great- but I really like the reflection of the trees and the sky in the water…

817 150

ken linda 817 Our good buddies- Ken and Linda…. We love ya… yeah we do…

Little Bunny Foo Foo…

We had a lot of excitement at our house this evening- ok it was exciting to us… We were sitting in the computer room and as we were looking out the window- a cute little bunny rabbit came hopping up- withing a minute or so, a little squirrel came streaking in as well. The next thing we knew- they started playing with each other. It was one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time- they were running in circles around a group of bushes in the back- and I have to say that rabbit was sure speedy. It was running laps around the squirrel. I wasn’t able to get photos of them playing- they stopped by the time I got back with the camera. oh well…. maybe next time!


Earlier, I was reading a blog by Trent Nelson . He is an amazing photographer I had the great pleasure of working with for 10 years (shy by 1 month) at The Salt Lake Tribune. In that 10 years I learned a lot from Trent- and even a year after I left the Trib- I’m still learning things from him. He blogged about using Photomerge to combine a group of images into a panorama. I had never tried Photomerge, and after reading his blog, I stepped outside and quickly snapped off a couple of images so I could give it a try. And as he said- it’s still better to merge the images manually, but the auto did a pretty good job-
lake_Panorama sm

looking east

house_Panorama sm

looking west

Lover Boy!

8.12 020