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Interesting Ice Cream

I made a new flavor of Ice cream the other night- Margarita! It’s pretty good! The interesting part is the texture- I think the powdered sugar gives it a silky feel. Anyway- Click Here if you would like the recipe to try Margarita Ice Cream. margaritaicecream

Happy Foot…

10102008 083 In the midst of all the reconstruction yesterday- Jan took the trike to Charles for a new front tire- We had a new tire put on earlier this year- in February as a matter of fact. And we were both quite surprised at how bald it had become in less than 9 months. But… after looking at our paperwork we realized in that short amount of time we have been approximately 17,000 miles- Can you imagine 17,000 miles on a trike in less than 9 months- awesome huh? We went 6,739 miles on our cross country trip- leaving over 10,000 miles on our smaller trips and local rides. 17,000 miles doesn’t seem like a lot for the life of a tire, but a trike creates a lot of wear on that front tire- you can’t lean into the turns, so all the wear is in one spot… anyway- We now have a safe ride…

And now the work is done…

10102008 084

10102008 093

The roof is finished. The guys did an awesome job. They started shingling around 1pm and were finished with the shingles by 5pm.

10102008 094

By 6pm, they finished the ridge line vent, sealing along the tin roof on the carport, and mounting the satellite dish (we still need DirecTV to realign it Sunday- so no TV til then) they cleaned up and were gone around 6:30pm. They really did a great job- they were able to repair the “flaws” in the original construction of the add-on and the roof looks great! 10102008 095

Let the work begin…

10102008 020

10102008 027

The roofers showed up this morning (on time, I might add) and started work on repairing our leaky sun room. We opted to have the whole roof re-shingled. We’re having 30 year architectural shingles installed. I think it will look pretty sharp when it’s finished. Within about an hour they nearly had half the shingles tore off the roof. By lunch time they were finished clearing the shingles, and had them piled quite nicely in the back of the dump truck.

10102008 03010102008 025

It’s no wonder the roof was leaking- The company that built the add-on to the back house failed to do a few “important” things- Such as removing the existing shingles so they could properly “marry” the new roof to the existing roof. they also failed to make a mitered cut on the plywood butting up to the existing roof- They did place a piece of metal flashing on the joint- BUT, they failed to actually attach the metal to anything… Need I say more? At one point in the roof, there was literally enough room for me to stick my hand between the existing roof and the add-on roof! Shoddy workmanship all the way around if you ask me! I have no idea how the roof lasted as long as it did- and why we didn’t have leaks across the complete back of the house!

He’s Back….

10092008 034
“Ole Blue” was back this evening. I have no Idea if it’s a boy or a girl.. But for the sake of argument- lets just say it’s a boy… Anyway- he was hanging out in the trees along the lake tonight, watching me fish. I have a feeling he caught a lot more fish today than I did!!

10092008 071


The last 2 days have been such beautiful days, that Jan and I have gone for rides on the trike- Yesterday we went up to Tryon, NC- Here are 2 of the things we saw on the ride:
10042008 138

Hang gliders at Glassy Mountain… and a dozen turkeys at the side of the road

10042008 150

Today we rode along some side roads over towards Table Rock State Park-

10052008 01810052008 014

Morning Visitor… Updated

10042008 019
We had a visitor on the lake this morning. a Great Blue Heron picked our lake to get his morning nourishment. In the middle of the lake is a swimming dock that has long been flooded- the smaller fish congregate at the surface of the water at the dock- creating a beautiful buffet for “Ole Blue”.

10042008 122

Apparently “Ole Blue” has decided to stick around for an afternoon snack…

Problem Solved…

Well- I have to say Blue Ridge Rural Water is on the ball- a lot better than others we have called for work in the past… We called them at 6:30 p.m. and left a message with the answering service- at 6:45 p.m. Adam, the nice fellow to the right, called us back to get the details- he was out front by 7:00 p.m.
Problem Solved...

Problem Solved...

By 9:00 pm the workers were out digging up the broken line…. and they finished the job around 11:30 p.m. – Now if we could just get that kind of service from roofers, electricians, gutter and vinyl siding installers! Problem Solved...

Tiny Bubbles…..

Tiny Bubbles.....It seems that we have a bit of a water line issue in our street- right at our driveway!!! You can see where the asphalt has started to bulge… Blue Ridge Water Company is on their way

Happy Birthday Ken!

Happy Birthday Ken!Happy Birthday Ken! He has been a proud, card carrying member of the Jack Benny birthday club for a “few” years now! Hope you had a great day!!