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What I’m gettin’ for Christmas…

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Stubby says…

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Merry Christmas!!

Christmas time is Here…

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Today we celebrated Christmas with Jan’s family.

Here Comes the Sun…

It has been extremely quiet for Jan and I this last month or so. It’s been chilly and rainy so we’ve mostly been staying around home reading our books and such. But today was absolutely beautiful. The temps around 70 and dry.. We took off for a short little ride into town. As I write that, I wonder, why should I blog about riding into town… well, because it was a beautiful day- and we haven’t done much else lately.
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12182008 023

12182008 017 Every time we pass this lot on Highway 25, I think of “Uncle Mose”. If he is ever in need of some used school buses (for Chief School Bus, out of Omaha) he ought to consider coming to South Carolina and get a few of these.While we were out and about we stopped off at this colorful little shop and did some shopping…

Feels like home…

Feels like home...
We’ve been seeing Ole Blue for brief moments, every now and then since he first arrived in early October. Today while I was out fishing, I got another good look at him. Apparently he has decided to make our lake his home… at least for the time being.

Foggy days…

I know, I know…. You see pictures of the lake all the time….

Foggy days...(this is a 6 photo composite image)

Foggy days... But today it seemed especially pretty! It’s been fairly chilly, lower 40’s. Today was in the mid to high 50’s with rain causing the lake to fog up a little. On the right side of the lake you can see the new house being built in our neighborhood.

A year ago today- 12.06.2007

It’s been pretty quiet here at the home front since I got back from my trip to Nebraska. Jan has had a bad sinus infection, so we haven’t been out doing much- not to mention the fact that it’s been a bit rainy and chilly. So, I thought I would look back at what we did a year ago today.

A year ago today- 12.06.2007
This is a shot from a nature trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park near Gatlinburg, TN.  The area there is so rugged and beautiful.

Not as lame as we could be…

For the most part- our Blog is fairly lame. It’s not a place you would come if you were in search of wisdom. You won’t find tips and tricks on the latest technologies- Nothing about fashion, the economy, politics…. basically, if you visit our Blog, the only information you will garnish, is how we spent our day! Even with all the lameness of our everyday lives, at least we didn’t make:
The 11 lamest blogs on the Internet list.

Ken… take II

I found this photo and story about my brother on a Turkey hunting website,
and thought I would share it. He is writing about the 24 lbs 10oz turkey
he shot with his bow May 15, 2005.

Tale of the Hunt

Ken... take II
I had been hunting this area along the Platte river near Kearney, NE all spring. Every morning since opening day, I had real nice gobblers answer my calls. I even had one sneak up on me and stick his head right into my blind. WOW! talk about a wake up call. Ever have a Tom gobble about 3 ft away from you!!!

I had taken a few shots with my bow, so close yet so far away. Missed one monster at 25 yds. I know he was 30 lbs. if he was an ounce. I thought I hit him it was so close. As the season wore on fewer and fewer Tom’s were seen let alone heard. I was beginning to think I let the nice one get away when out of the trees pops this bright red head and right back into the trees it went. This was my last chance at a bird so I gave him a light cluck and he burst out of the trees like he was on fire!!! That’s as close as he was going to get – 50 yds.
He stood there struttin’ like he was king. I would purr and give a little yelp and he would gobble his fool head off but he would not take one step closer. I even turned my head to call like a hen walking the other way. Big mistake since he started to lose interest. I knew I had to make my move so as he strutted and turned his back to me, I drew my 60# Bear Whitetail compound, set my sight right on his back and let loose an 85 gr.mechanical Cabela’s carbon hunter arrow and dropped him where he stood!!!

There is no better feeling in the world!!