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For Rebecka…



We love
miss you-
Aunt Lori & Jan

On this day…


inauguration_sasha_obama_thumbs_up_c (AP photo)

A blizzard in the making…

The funny thing about the south- if the weatherperson even starts to say the “S” word (snow), everyone freaks out and runs to the store for White Bread and Milk. I don’t mind the snow so much- it’s the ice storms that worry me. It started snowing about 7:30 this morning and should continue for several more hours. When it’s all said and done, we ought to have a nice dusting.

Arctic Blast…

arctic blastWell, it finally got cold enough here to ice up the lake. The past couple of days we’ve been experiencing an Arctic Blast. I can imagine all my friends and family in Nebraska and Utah laughing hysterically as I say this, but dag, it sure got cold! Weather here in the South is pretty mild in the winter. I think our normal average temp this time of year is in the upper 40’s with lows usually in the upper 20’s, but the last several days we have been down in the teens. There’s even some talk that we may get some snow tomorrow. In the 17 months I’ve lived here, I’ve only seen a dusting of snow 2 times.

Flight 1549

flight1549I don’t know about you, but When I heard about US Airways Flight 1549 crash landing into the Hudson River, my first thought was about the lives that would be lost in the catastrophic crash. My heart felt heavy as we heard how a possible bird strike had disabled the plane. Images of the plane floating in the river gave us hope that a majority of the people may have survived. And then, as the story started to unfold, and the reports of getting all 155 passengers and crew off the plane alive, my heart lightened. The response of emergency personnel, the pilot, crew and the calm reactions of the passengers resulted in an amazing story. Of course, I’d rather the plane would have landed on a runway at it’s destination of Charlotte, NC, but under the circumstances, who could ask for a better landing!
(Above image is a screenshot from MSNBC)

Happy Combination of Gifts

01072009 002

I got a new Trolling Motor for Christmas from Jan. And I’ve been dying to get out and use it- but before I could, I needed to get a battery. I bought the battery about a week ago, but I also needed a few other things to get setup properly. So I ordered a battery box and solar panel trickle charger. Those came in today, and even though it had been rainy for the last couple of days- and quite chilly- I went out to “play” a little bit. It was extremely windy today- but I scooted right across the lake with no problem. Actually I pretty much created a wake…

Also- while I was in Nebraska visiting family, my brother gave me his old fish finder. I can’t wait for a clear day to get out there and actually do some fishing.

01072009 004

01072009 005

Family History III…

This is all I could find concerning my mom’s family.

rigs-hogg tree

Once again- it doesn’t list siblings or children.

Family History II…

This is what I’ve come up with so far…

treeIt only lists the “pedigree” relatives. It’s just a direct line of descendants without siblings and children. I have a lot of that information on the original chart- but to create a single chart that is smaller than the state of Texas, I had to narrow it down… As you can see there are a lot of dead ends- The only family line I was able to track back very far was the Fletcher line- Also, This only includes my dads side of the family. I will post one with my moms side later.

Family History…

I was doing some searching around on the Internet and decided to look into creating a family tree. I signed up for the free 14 days at and started a basic tree- It’s amazing how fast and easy the tree can expand by using Historical Records as well as linking information from others family trees. I don’t plan on paying for the service with so I need to do as much research as I can in the next 12 days. Some of the more interesting things I’ve found are:

Ralph C Fletcher WWI
WWI Registration card for my Great Grandpa Fletcher

… as well as one for my Great Grandad Seifert

wilhelm seifert WWI
I also found the ship Manifest of Alien Passengers for the E.B. Alexander that arrived at port in New York, NY on March 27, 1946. You are probably wondering what the significance of that manifest is to me… Well, that’s the ship that my Grandma Riggs and Aunt Christine traveled on when they immigrated to America. My Grandma was a war bride from England- as a kid she use to tell me that she “came over on the Maytag” Now I have proof it isn’t true!


Dareen Clement

Dareen Clement
A few days before Christmas I got a call from my best friend Myra, she wanted me to know that her mom, Dareen Clement, was real sick, and she was flying back to Utah to be with her. Dareen had been sick for some time- and was eventually diagnosed with cancer. We got word that Dareen passed away New Years Day. It’s hard to find the words to express to Myra and her family just how sorry we are for their loss. I wish we could be there, but they know our hearts are with them. Dareen would give me grief every time I would pull out my camera at a family event. She hated having her picture taken, consequently I only have a few pictures of Dareen. This one was taken during the wedding of one of her grandson’s in 1999.