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Dad… as of 5:30 p.m. June 24th

Dad... as of 5:30 p.m. June 24th

Dad seems to be regaining some of his strength. He is still weak, but not as bad as before- above he is talking on the phone to his sister (my Auntie Barb). I guess last night he was being mischievous- he was trying to flush things down the toilet that don’t belong there… and he was using the “pliers” that they removed his staples with to try and take apart the remote. Today he got himself lost in another part of the hospital and they had to go fetch him. They has since put a monitor on his ankle (like a common criminal) and it goes off anytime he passes through certain doors- that will help to keep him corralled. He is still pretty confused, but the most recent CAT-scan came back looking good, so we’re happy about that. It sounds like he will be there at least 2 more weeks, which of course he isn’t happy about, but today I told him I was real proud of him for doing his therapy like he is suppose to, hopefully that kind of encouragement will keep him on track.

Dad… June 23rd

Dad doesn’t seem to be as confused as he has for the last two days, although he did call Kenny this morning telling him to come get him- he claimed the doctor said he could go home. Of course that wasn’t the case. When we got there after his therapy, the nurse told us he was pretty mad that we hadn’t gone to pick him up! I guess he got over it, since he wasn’t mad when he saw us. We still don’t know when he will be released, according to him it will be 3 weeks… But can we believe What he says? It would be good if they keep him that long since he is so weak and wobbly.

Fathers Day with… Dad

06212009 009
Dad seemed pretty confused today- before we got to the hospital I got a call from my Aunt saying that dad had said they took him to a new hospital… he claimed he was in Loup City, but the nurse assured him he was still in Kearney. And then when we got up there to see him, he informed us that “they had taken him to Council Bluffs last night at 10 and he had just got back about 10 minutes ago… “ Later in the conversation he told us he had been working on his bows til 2am, he had tuned them up. There were several things he was obviously confused about. He just doesn’t seem to be able to put his thoughts together very well- and I think he is getting dreams and reality confused.

06292009 006
Dad and my dorky brother…

06292009 004

Dad… As of 06.20.2009 6:00pm

06200919 dad-765176

Here’s a so-so pic of dad! He seems to be doing well! He still needs a lot of rehabilitation, but thats to be expected.

Getting closer…

I’m sitting in a motel in Columbia, MO- 800 miles and 12 hours of driving and I’m too tired to say much other than I will get to Kearney tomorrow to see my dad (and brother). This will be my last actual night with internet on my computer until my return trip when I stay in a motel while I stop in Omaha to see Grandma (and of course Barb and Mose).

Last report my dad was doing pretty good. He is in rehabilitation. He has been talking nonsense about “breaking out” of the hospital and had us all a bit on edge. Kenny explained to him that if he left before the Dr gave their approval, insurance won’t pay his bill… I think that may have sunk in and last I heard he was planning on staying.

Time to settle in for the night before I collapse. Only 7 more hours on the road- Yipee!!

Trip to NE

I leave in the morning for NE and the only internet I have is on my phone, so I’m not real sure how often I will update.

Dad… as of 1:00pm June 17th

It’s official- my dad is out of ICU and in his own room! Even though he still has a long road ahead of him, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted! Now he has in-patient physical therapy to go through, but at least he can stay at the hospital for that and doesn’t have to go to a “nursing home” type rehabilitation. I am now planning a trip to NE for a few days. I suppose I will spend about a week or so with my brother- not sure how long dad will remain in the hospital, but either way it will be good to see him. Then of course I’ll head to Omaha to see my grandma and Aunt Barb and Uncle Mose!

Dad… as of 5:00pm June 16th

I don’t have an update from today yet- but yesterdays update goes as such. I tried calling the hospital several times and the nurse never answered… she/he was busy with stuff so I never got to talk to any of them, but my brother did call me and let me know that dad was doing a lot better than he had the 2 days before. He had been very combative with everyone, including Kenny, but seemed to have calmed down quite a bit. I guess Kenny just put it point blank to him and told him “he didn’t care if he ended up staying in the hospital forever… because if he didn’t let the hospital staff do what they needed to do… he wouldn’t get better!” I guess after that dad kinda calmed down a bit and thanked the nurse for helping. At one point over the last couple of days dad offered Kenny $2,000 to go get him a hamburger and to take him home. Ken told him “I’ll take the money, but you can’t have a hamburger and I’m not taking you home!” Dad didn’t like that reply to well. Kenny was saying the hospital said he could have his cellphone- so he can call Grandma. He has been worried about not talking to her. That will make Grandma real happy to hear from him for sure! I can only imagine how worried she has been considering they usually talk every day. They have indeed removed the tubes and pressure monitor from his head- so things must be moving along well. I will update again when I talk to his nurse. Hopefully I will get to talk to him as well!

Good to be home…

Even though we had a good trip and enjoyed our time away- it is good to be home. Our cats are happy to see us! Thats all I wanted to say!

Good Friends and the Beach… Awesome!

Good Friends and the Beach... Awesome!

Emerson & Alexi
Surfside Beach, TX
Gulf of Mexico
Good Friends and the Beach... Awesome!
Paul and Angela were gracious enough to drive the family down from Austin to meet Jan & I at Surfside Beach. What an awesome day we had. It’s always good to see old friends- and for Jan, make new ones.

Good Friends and the Beach... Awesome!

Emerson, Alexi & Lori…

Good Friends and the Beach... Awesome!

Jan & I took to scenic route out of Texas following the coast from Surfside Beach to Galveston and then took the ferry across to Port Bolivar. This was the first auto transport ferry I’ve ever been on. It was pretty cool!
What a wonderful way to end such a nice day…

Good Friends and the Beach... Awesome!