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the "Fam-Damly"

the "Fam-Damly"
My Aunt Cindy and Uncle Donnie put on one heck of a shindig. My Aunt Christine’s kids were there (some I hadn’t seen in about 25 years- the others it’s been 13 years) And I got to spend a lot of time with my cousin Kristy. It was a lot of fun to spend time with that side of the family- I really didn’t get a chance while I was growing up.At the start of the day, the back patio was covered in shade- by the end of the day everyone huddled together in a tight circle.
the "Fam-Damly"

“Uncle” and Mary Jo with the flowers they picked for Mary Jo’s Grandma.And what kind of post would it be without a photo of Jan and I ?
the "Fam-Damly"

Dad… as of 2:18pm June 15th

I talked to my dads nurse today and she said he was doing “fine”. She said he had a CT-scan today and she hadn’t heard the results yet- which she took as a good sign. She said they had done some sort of evaluations on him earlier and they went well, so they will begin feeding him foods orally. So I asked if that meant they would remove the feeding tube now?, she just kinda chuckled and said that it was already gone- and that my dad had taken it out on his own last night. Apparently he got pretty aggravated. She also mentioned they would probably be removing the tube from his head today as well (and I would assume that would include the pressure monitor). The physical therapist was in with him when I called and was helping him to his chair. She said she would be sure to let him know I called- which makes me feel good since I haven’t been able to talk to him since Sunday June 7th after he had arrived at the hospital in Kearney.

Dad… as of 8:30pm June 14th

My brother called this morning and let me know today was the fist time dad was alert enough for him to talk to him since surgery. He told me that the incision was really big- which is expected. He is still confused about stuff, but understands he is in the hospital and knows what year it is as well as the name of our current president. When I spoke to the hospital tonight they told me he will have another CAT-scan tomorrow and they can determine whether they will need to operate on the other side of his head. I pray that doesn’t have to happen.

Dad… as of 2:00pm June 13th

I talked to the nurse and Dad is not too happy with her right now- they had to insert a feeding tube in his nose since he is unable to eat enough calories on his own. She said he has finally settled down a bit from that. The Physical Therapy nurse will see him on Monday.

The Crab Man…

06122009 027

Donnie and Kristy went out crabbing today and brought home quite a catch!

Dad… as of 2:45pm June 12th

Well… as of 2:45 when I last talked to the hospital, Dad is finally off the respirator. I am so happy about that. It sounds like he is breathing well on his own, and he is responding to commands. They are unsure whether he will have to have any other surgeries, but right now things are good. I really don’t have a lot to say other than it looks like he is doing much better.



Well, we’re in Texas! And it’s good to see my family. My mom (above) and her 2 sisters are having a nice visit. Below- Aunt Cindy (left) and Aunt Christine (right) are working on a 9 piece puzzle… It seems to be getting the best of them!

06112009 017

Dad… as of 7:00pm June 10th

Nothing new today on my dad- the nurse said he had a fever earlier- and they put him on a cooling blanket and responded well to that. They sedated him a little more today to help keep him calm. Thats really all I know.

Dad… as of 7:30pm June 9th

I got a call this morning around 9:15 from the hospital telling me that dads cognitive functions were deteriorating and he was losing strength on his left side- they were needing consent in order to perform surgery. They explained the procedure and I gave them verbal consent- While they were talking to me, my brother was on his way to the hospital and also signed the consent forms. I got a call around 2:15 this afternoon from Kenny telling me dad was out of surgery and things went well from what they can tell. They removed a section of his skull on the right side, and was able to remove the blood clot which was fairly sizable. The brain “bounced” back into it’s normal position, which is a good sign. They installed a pressure monitor so they could keep a closer eye on whats going on up there. He still has the clot on the left side of his brain, and one behind his eye (I believe it’s the right eye) but they are hoping to be able to treat both of them with medication and time. It is possible they will have to perform the same surgery on the other side of his head. Kenny said that while he was there this morning my dad was pretty confused and wasn’t really able to open his eyes- all a part of the pressure from the clot- so it was obviously time to have the surgery. I called and talked to his nurse this evening and she said he seemed to come through the surgery well- he will open his eyes on command and the pupils are equal and round. He will squeeze her hand with his right side- but at this point he still doesn’t squeeze with the left side, but he does flinch upon “pinches”. She said the lack of him squeezing from the left side may be from the sedation. Only time will tell. He will remain on the respirator until at least tomorrow. The next 3 days are his challenge for now.

Oh and by the way- we are now in Crowley, LA- only a couple more hundred miles and we will be at my aunts house.

Dad… as of 9:00pm June 8th

My Aunt Barb gave me an update- she talked to the nurse and found out they did another CAT scan today- but don’t know the results of it yet. I guess I got the drug wrong- he’s not on morphine- but on Codeine instead. Apparently morphine can interfere with tests with this type of injury. He has been fidgety, so they put him on a med that is a type of diuretic that helps to pull fluids from the brain and it sounds like it has helped to calm him down a bit. He is still experiencing a bad headache. According to Aunt Barb the nurse seemed optimistic about his condition, which she called “guarded”. (thanks Barb for the update!)

Time for bed- we have a lot of miles to cover tomorrow…