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Taking it easy…

Taking it easy...Today Jan and I took a little ride down to Greenwood Lake to visit with our friends Barb and Trudi- they live in southern South Carolina but are camping out near us (Ok- so it’s actually a 2 hour drive away). It was a nice way to spend our day. We both really needed a relaxing visit with friends.


Back in May I posted the picture (below) of a Green-backed Heron. Well today I spotted his offspring- I was only able to get a photo of two, but there are at least 3 of them. I wonder if they will all stay at the lake?

Back in the hospital…

Dad is back in the hospital, they need to evaluate his medication. Last night he got up in the middle of the night and was really confused. My brother went in to see what he was up to and I guess my dad elbowed him in the mouth saying that Kenny was trying to set the house on fire, and wasn’t going to let anyone out of the house. It took a long time Back in the hospital...for Kenny to calm him down- he even had to show dad his drivers license to prove that he was indeed Kenny. After he was settled, Kenny put him back in bed and within just minutes he was back up freaking out that he had seen an intruder walking in the living room (which was actually Kenny). It got to the point that Kenny couldn’t keep him calm or restrained and he ended up taking him to the hospital for an evaluation. We are hoping his increased agitation is just an imbalance in his meds and not from the brain injury, or Alzheimer’s. I hate the feeling of helplessness, but I know there is nothing I can do- there is no way I would be able to restrain him if I were there. Kenny is pretty upset- he’s feeling like he has let dad down. We have all tried to tell Kenny he did the best he could, and he shouldn’t beat himself up about it all. I’m proud of Kenny for doing what he has. Unless a change in medication makes a huge difference in his cognitive state, there will be no choice but to put him in a care facility.

"the vine that ate the south"

"the vine that ate the south"
Kudzu, also known as “the vine that ate the south” was brought here from Japan to be used for erosion control. Unfortunately the south has perfect conditions for the vine to flourish, and they never imaged it would grow at such a rate to “consume” complete buildings and property. The vine grows at a rate of approximately 1 ft per day- you can imagine how quickly structures can be covered. The top photo I took March 10th of this year, before the Kudzu had a chance to spring back to life after the winter freeze. The bottom photo I took today, and you can see that the structure is completely covered as well as the surrounding trees.

"the vine that ate the south"

Bonding on the 4th…

It’s good to be home again- It’s great seeing family and friends. But home is so relaxing.

Bonding on the 4th...

Today Jan and Arien enjoyed the holiday by engaging in a moment of bonding…

Finally…. an update about Dad!
(and my trip to Nebraska)

Finally.... an update about Dad! (and my trip to Nebraska)
Finally.... an update about Dad! (and my trip to Nebraska)Well, it’s been quite awhile since I last updated… Anyway, here it is about 3 1/2 weeks since my dad fell. We found out what actually happened- Apparently he was letting his cute dog JR out the back door, when JR accidentally tripped him up. He fell down 2 flights of stairs and was knocked out for about 2.5 hours. As you know, just over 3 weeks ago he had surgery to remove a blood clot from the right side of his brain and they have continued to monitor the bleeding on the rest of the brain. He appears to be out of the woods physically, but he still has a lot of issues related to the brain injury.

Finally.... an update about Dad! (and my trip to Nebraska)
Dad is being released from the hospital tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) and he will be staying with my brother Kenny while he continues outpatient rehabilitation where he will recieve Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy. He still struggles with short term memory loss as well as confusion. He has some medical conditions that are contributing to his confusion, and hopefully once things balance out for him, he will become more aware of his surroundings. The Dr told us he was “expected” to return to a fairly normal state, he of course will suffer some sort of deficit from the brain injury, but we can only hope it’s fairly limited. I know Kenny is nervous about the responsibility ahead of him with dad living with him (hopefully he will only be there temporarily and can return to living on his own again), but I know Kenny possesses everything in his heart that he will need to help dad.
Finally.... an update about Dad! (and my trip to Nebraska)

While I was in Nebraska, I got to see a few other people who are special to me- Above: My good friend Mary drove to Kearney from North Platte to have lunch with me- It was her birthday, so it made a special visit even better! Below: I got to spend some time with my Grandma- I sure miss her. I also spent time with Aunt Barb and Uncle Mose (although I didn’t get a photo of them… darn it!) Here’s a special shout out to Uncle Mose- “Thanks Uncle Mose- you’re a sweetheart!” (he knows why…)

Finally.... an update about Dad! (and my trip to Nebraska)

For the record… I am now in Nashville, TN and will be home tomorrow afternoon!