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Carolina Blue Skies

09292009 014

Sunday Stroll

09272009 003


Over the last year and a half Jan and I have made a lot of changes out back near the lake. Hard to believe what it use to look like! (the first photo is late June 2008 and the last photo is today)

It’s that time of year again

09172009 040

A view from the pier

09122009 2012The Grand Strand

Tonight I took a little walk out on Springmaid Pier. It’s 1060 ft long, 36 ft wide with a 110 ft T at the end. The view from the pier is quite awesome. There were a bunch of people out fishing- but none of them wanted to talk about what, if anything they were catching. I guess they were afraid I would steal their trade secret and out fish them, even though I didn’t have a rod and reel with me!

9122009 2018Springmaid Pier

Sunny Beaches

09122009 01009122009 013Jan and I spent a nice day here at Myrtle Beach- We came down here with our buddy Radar- and earlier today the 3 of us met up with some of our friends from Chapter E for a plaque capture.  Our chapter didn’t get the plaque (we came in 2nd) but it was still a lot of fun. Then this evening we had a great dinner down in Murrells Inlet!

I love the sea oats on the sand dunes.

09122009 040

“the” Beach

09112009 pan
Myrtle Beach- the view from our room
(9 photo composite)

Abandoned in the rain

09092009 002
Jan and I went out today to clear the remainder of the brush along the shoreline of the lake. The original plan was to use the lawn tractor and a little trailer to haul the brush off to the woods for dumping. Well, that didn’t quite work out. The lawn mower stalled out and wouldn’t start- then the storm came. Guess the lawn mower gets a bath today- and the brush gets to stay just a little longer…

I’ll try to do better…

It’s been a long time since I posted anything. It seems we’ve been quite busy- in the last week we have re-seeded our lawn and fertilized, trimmed some trees and cut one down, painted the carport, cleared some brush down along the lake, started prep work to paint the ceiling in the bathroom… But with all that going on, we didn’t take the time to take any pictures. Not sure why really. I guess I’ve been too freaked out about this blog. As you know, I transfered it to this new webhost- and when I did the links to all the photos technically got lost. I’ve had to go through and re-inport all of them. I am about half way done with that. (after many, many hours of sitting at this darn computer)  So long story short- I guess I’ve been so worried about the old posts that I haven’t taken the time to make any new posts. I’ll try to do better.