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Making it’s home on our back porch. (taken Oct 23, 2009)


Awhile back, Jan submitted our blog to a website ranking the Top 100 Motorcycle Blogs and apparently we have been chosen. We’re listed as #82, but they are actually just in alphabetical order. And to be honest- we probably made the list simply due to the fact the guy could only come up with 96 blogs. But hey, we’ll take any recognition we can get!

Keith the “Saint”?

Last night I talked to our neighbor- Keith the “Redneck”, about borrowing his BIG leaf blower. We needed to get the leaves up off the ground so our other neighbor- Eric the “Landscaper” could bring his crew over to put down some more seed and see if we could get this yard looking half way decent. Anyway, back to Keith. When we talked to him earlier this morning he said the leaf blower was a bugger to get started so to let him know when I would be coming to get it, and he would help me get it started. Well the next thing we knew- he was out there clearing the backyard! So does that mean we now have to start referring to him as Keith the “Saint”?

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Larry, my step-dad, made these crafty little figurines for me a decade ago.
I thought they were pretty cool and figured I may as well share them with you all!
He obviously possesses a lot of patience to carve those details.

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Tricky Turn

1011091534A couple of weeks ago Jan and I were out for a little ride on the trike, trying to see if our” low fuel” light would come one (we’ve never seen it before, so we’re not sure if it works). We rode all around the Travelers Rest area where we would be close to a gas station, when we came across this sight. We could have turned around and gone another way, but instead we sat there for a little over an hour watching the crew trying to make a tight turn with this large load. In order to get the house around the corner, they had to back it up into the field on the left. Unfortunately they couldn’t get the house back up over the ditch once they got it straightened out. They ended up have to get a large front-end loader to come help pull it out. We never did find out if our “low fuel” light turns on- we had to hurry back home because my Aunt Cindy and Cousin Kristy were coming for a visit.

Renewed Friendships…

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10252009 006Today we met up with Gail and Tommy. Jan has known Gail since the 5th grade, but had lost touch with her over the years. They ended up finding each other again on Facebook! Jan was tickled to see her again, and it was great for me to meet them. I can see why they were such good friends growing up. Gail is a class act!

Cute Little Thief

10242009 049Jan was in the computer room earlier and I went back there to chat with her, and I mentioned I had fed the birds earlier- she thanked me and then commented “Yesterday? The feeders are half empty!” I told her “No, just about 2 hours ago!” Thats when we noticed we had a little chipmunk that kept jumping up on the feeder and filling his cheeks… I bet he made 15 trips getting seed while we watched. Cute Little Thief!

Here’s the view from the computer room

10242009 118

Blissful Day

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Today turned out to be one of those days that felt good to hang around the house. We had to run into town this afternoon for some errands, and this is the sight we returned to. Beautiful!!

A day of crashes…

Yesterday turned out to be quite the day of crashes. It started out first thing in the morning, I found out that the server at the webhost for this site crashed and we lost all the information that was entered after Oct 1. Which means the website I built for our Chapter was gone… vanished… no longer in existence! Luckily they were able to restore the site up to last Sunday, so not all was lost. All said and done, I lost the last couple of posts to this site (which was no huge loss… just more updates on the yard work!) and I had to rebuild the Chapter site (almost done with that) Last night and this morning I moved my site to a new webhost- which in and of itself was somewhat of a nightmare since I really didn’t know what I was doing. I’m one of those people who knows just enough to really mess things up good, but can then eventually figure things out and make them right again.

Now, on to the second crash of the day.

10232009 001The short story; “I was testing the brakes on the Hyundai- and guess what? They aren’t as effective as I had hoped! ouch…”

All turned out ok- no serious injuries. I’m a little stiff and sore today but otherwise doing fine. I assume the car will be totaled, and right now I have no intentions (or money) to buy a new one.

The really sad thing- I just got new tires and an alignment less than a month ago… bummer

Master Tour Rider…

10102009 2043At tonights chapter meeting Jan was awarded the Master Tour Rider Patch.  It’s really a pretty big deal to become a Master Tour Rider in GWRRA. It’s the highest level you can reach in the safety/education levels program and you have several requirements you have to accomplish in order to recieve the standing of Master Rider. You must have a certification in CPR/First Aid, you have to complete a riders course and obviously practice safe riding skills, with at least 25,000 miles of safe riding as well as several other requirements…  There are only a handful of us (me included) in our chapter that have reached this level, so it truly is an elite group of people. Yea Jan!