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Capt. Wilson L. Lynch

Cousin Jimmy is a collector of sorts. He buys and sells antiques and collects anything old. At some point over the years, he came across a collection of letters concerning Captain Wilson L. Lynch of Company C in Patton’s Third Army during W.W. II.

12222009 017

It’s really been quite fascinating taking a look back in time. One of the letters dated 26 Feb 1945, was from Caption Lynch to his cousin Stan, who was also serving a tour in Europe. He told Stan he had led his men into combat for about eighty days straight and had several close calls, but so far had only gotten a scratch on his finger from falling concrete as a tank shot high velocity rounds through the wall of a house he was in. He told Stan he felt “like a fugitive of the law of averages.” and gave him the news that “I’ve been recommended for the Silver Star, but I have no idea which time it was for- Usually, there are few left to tell.” He ends the letter off with “Stan stay safe as long as you can friend, there are no hero’s- some just get citations but for my money every dough boy should have the congressional medal of honor- That is those that make the grade. Some don’t.

One week later,on March 5, 1945, at the age of 27, Captain Wilson was killed in Germany during combat from machine gun fire. He left behind his wife and a two year old son. He did receive the Silver Star in May, 1945- albeit posthumously for his actions in combat.

Also in the collection there is a twenty page letter to Captain Lynch’s widow from Lt. Ira Smith, one of the men who served with Lynch. He wrote about how inspirational Lynch had been to the soldiers. Lt. Smith was very informative, but graceful in his narration about the happenings of their tour together. Lt. Smith, who was wounded in combat, was soon to be shipped back to the States and expressed his desire to come visit her when he returned home. I hope he had the chance to meet her. I’m sure they both had plenty of stories to share about Captain Lynch.

Whoopin’ Spanking!

12202009 003aWe celebrated Christmas with Jans son and his family today. Kendall, Jans (almost) 3 year old Great Granddaughter is so cute. She sure latched onto her new chimp- which she named “George”. When we asked her what Santa was gonna bring her this year, she responded with ” a whoopin’ spanking!”

Slight Smathering of Slippery Sleet

12182009 sleet 2

12182025We’ve got our first winter weather storm for the year today- North of us, they are expecting up to 12″ of snow. So far we’ve gotten a lot of rain and sleet. We are suppose to go to a Christmas gathering tonight with some friends, but Cousin Jimmy was on his way up here to see about our roof (again) and he turned back for home saying that  it’s slicker than “owl sh*t” out there. I’m not sure how slick that it, but I’m thinking it’s pretty bad! Just a few minutes ago a neighbor couldn’t make it up the slight hill of our road out front. His tires kept spinning. Another neighbor is having to walk home from the highway- So I guess the final word is- SLICK, SLICK, SLICK.

12182009 2022

Is it time yet?

12152009 1120485Jan and I were sitting here this afternoon when we heard a rustling under the tree. That’s when Stubby came running out carrying one of my present by the bow. He laid down and was ready to open gifts. He’s still to young to realize he has to wait til Christmas!

A little soup with breakfast…

This morning Jan got to be the photographer of the house to capture the “soupy fog” out on the lake!
I stayed in bed…


Kilroy was here…

12022009 014Even though he apparently forgot how to spell his name- Kilroy visited the bridge where Jan & I watched the Stator move down Hwy 25.

Cousin Jimmy

12042009 100_0690Cousin Jimmy came over today to see if he could figure out where the leak is coming from in our sunroom.  The only suspect spot we could find was a spot where the gutter screws into the the house. The screw hole was larger than the screw. So we caulked it and replaced the screw. Hopefully that does it! Thanks Cousin Jimmy!

On the road again…

This morning Jan braved the cold weather at 6:45 to watch the crew get the stator ready and moving so they could get it around 2 turns as it made it’s way onto Highway 11. I on the other hand stayed in bed a little longer and waited for it to make the 2 mile trip to our street.

YouTube Preview Image

Todays move required 2 additonal tractors as it makes it’s way down highway 11 where it expects to arrive in Chesnee, SC tomorrow morning. We learned this morning that this is only 1 of 5 stators on it’s way through the state between now and 2012. The largest piece is expected to be moved in 2012.


12022009 052Not since the day a gold shipment was transported through Mayberry, has there been such a spectacle. People (including us) flocked to Highway 11 & 25 to see Mammoet Logistics move a “stator” (steam driven generator) on its wa12022009 088y to Cliffside Steam Station in North Carolina where Duke Energy will use it in a 825-megawatt “clean-coal” unit. The Japanese built generator has been traveling through South Carolina since September 18th when it was delivered to a port near Charleston. The 300 feet long, 1.89 million pound load is moving at a maximum speed of 20 mph and an average of 5 mph, and is carried with 36 axles on the trailers holding 288 tires (by our calculations) as well as an additional 40 tires on the tractors (2 tractors on the front pulling and 2 on the back pushing) . We saw 2 flatbed trucks filled with tires traveling along with the load. Traffic was backed up for miles (reports were 15-16 miles). At one point a Mammoet driver pulled out his camera to take our picture. Did you notice the “NO PARKING” signs painted on the road- Right where they parked the unit for the night. The plan is to continue the move tomorrow morning starting at 7am which will take it right past our street!