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Ice Capades

01302010 009Last nights storm sure did a number on the upstate. Over 10,000 homes lost power due to ice pulling down trees and power lines. We lost our power about 2:30 in the morning and got it back around 9am- until about 10:20am… then lights out again. And let me tell you something, after all that time of no power and heat, it sure got cold in here. At one point Jan and I were sitting on the couch with 3 blankets over us, and all 4 cats were curled up on us to stay warm. We lost at least 2 trees down by the lake, and most likely several more along the dam of the lake. The one tree that really worries me is along the side of the house. It’s a huge pine, and it’s covered in ice- leaning right at the power line. We tried to get the crew to take care of it- but since it would only affect our power if it falls, they said they weren’t going to worry about it for now. The guy told us to give them a call after the cleanup of this storm is over, and they will put in a work order to take care of it. I just hope it doesnt decide to snap.

Midnight Madness…

01292010 001I went out tonight and spent about 5 minutes of my evening making a snow woman.

Wintry Precipitation…

01292010 011Another evening with a mix and snow and freezing rain.

3.15 inches of rain…

In a 24 hour period we got 3.15 inches of rain- resulting in a muddy, flooded lake.


First off- I want to say I am so glad I no longer live in Nebraska, where they have been slammed with one winter storm after another this year… so I have no room to complain about the cold. However, compared to our normal seasonal temps of around 50 here in South Carolina- we have been experiencing freezing temps for the last month.  Just 2 days ago we had driven past this fountain located on the North Greenville University, and didn’t notice anything wrong- today when we drove past, it was filled with ice. Apparently they forgot to turn the fountain off over night while the temperatures dropped dramatically. Luckily for us, we are in a warming trend and will have temps in the 50’s for the next few days or so.

01142010 1402

Another one please…

A conversation between Aunt Joan and Uncle Henry during their visit in Honey Creek, IA in 1987

Aunt Joan: (trying to explain to Uncle Henry that he doesn’t always have to accept the offer of a beer)
Ok Henry, now lets practice. If someone comes up, and offers you a beer, what do you say?

Uncle Henry: N…N…N….N…N…N…. I can’t do this.

Aunt Joan: Henry, you can do this- just say Nooooooo

Uncle Henry: N…N…N….N…N…N….

Aunt Joan: Nooooooo…..

Uncle Henry: N…N…N….N…N…N….Nother one please!

Aunt Joan & Uncle Henry

Last night I was googling names of family in England, and learned that my Great Aunt Joan passed away in May of 2009. And that her husband Henry passed away sometime during the holidays, and his funeral was held today.  I wasn’t as close to that side of the family as I would have liked- My grandma Riggs (on my moms side) was a WWII war bride, so she left all of her family back in England to start a new life here. Which means, for the most part, we never really got to know her side of the family. She was one of thirteen children, so she left behind a pretty large family. However, after two of her siblings, Aunt Joan and Aunt Dawn along with their husbands Henry and Phillip and a niece Carol and her husband Steve came to the states for a visit in 1987, I decided to take a trip to England to meet the rest my grandmas family. While I was there, I got to spend a couple of weeks with Aunt Joan and Uncle Henry, and I have to tell you they were both quite amazing people.

I think back to my time spent with them, and I have dozens of stories, but I can’t quite seem to put any of them down in words. The main thing- They will be missed.

In November 2008, they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

auntjoan unclehenry

Joan Jolliffe

Jolliffe Joan of New Road, Exning, passed suddenly but peacefully away at her home with her husband by her side, on Friday May 15, 2009 aged 84 years. A dearly loved mother of Carol, and a much loved nanny to Jack, Alex, Sam and Max, a dear sister and constant companion to Dawn.Funeral service at West Suffolk Crematorium Friday May 22 at 9am. Family flowers only please, donations if desired to the Sick Childrens Trust, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, c/o Southgate of Newmarket, Funeral Directors 25 Duchess Drive, Newmarket CB8 8AG

Henry Lawson Jolliffe

Jolliffe HENRY LAWSON of Exning passed away
suddenly at his home aged 85 years. Beloved husband to the late Joan, brother to Mary and a much loved dad of Carol, a dear grandad to Jack, Alex, Sam and Max, father in law to Steve and brother in law to Dawn. He will be sadly missed by all his many family and friends. Funeral service to be held at the West suffolk Crematorium Bury St. Edmunds on Tuesday 5th January 2010 at 12 midday. Family flowers only please but donations if desired may be made payable to the British Red Cross, c/o Southgate of Newmarket Funeral Directors, 25, Duchess Drive, Newmarket CB8 8AG.

The obituaries are from the Newmarket Journal in Newmarket, England