Monthly Archive for March, 2010

Eastward Journey

Our good friend Sue suggested we take CA highway 20 towards Reno- and I have to say it was a beautiful choice. We ran into all different kinds of weather today. We had heavy rain, light rain, sun, heavy rain, sleet, sun, hail, sun….

YouTube Preview Image

We are now in Marysville, CA and praying that Donners Pass into Reno is cleared tomorrow… at this time you are required to run with chains… ick!


03302010 007 Our Journey through the Redwoods was beautiful today (which of course is a given…)

03302010 017

Oceanic Attitude…

During our whole trip to the coast, the Ocean has been showing us who is boss!

Rainy day at the Harbor B&B

03292010 004The winds and rain have been wicked here today at “The Harbor B&B” (also known as Sue and Myra’s house). Don’t they have a beautiful back yard?

Coastal Scenes

cape ferrelo 03272010

Panorama of Cape Ferrelo

Whale Watching…

03272010 099Jan & I saw our first whale today at Cape Ferrelo in Brookings, OR … it was migrating north from it’s winter vacation in Mexico. Just in case you cant spot the tail, I’ve cropped the image so you can see it!

03272010a 099

and a whale flipper

3272010 354

Chewie’s Adventures…

Chewie has started her own blog…. Chewie’s Adventures Check back daily for new adventures!

blogging Chewie

California Dreaming

We have finally arrived in Brookings, OR and surprised our friends for Jan H’s birthday.

Leaving Las Vegas….Hello California

What happens in Vegas…

03232010 010View from our room