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Scenes from the road…

Beauty & the Beast…

03212010 002

Today started out like a beast… it took us 3 hours to go about 30 miles just outside of El Reno, Oklahoma. We spent 2 hours at a complete standstill. But on the bright side we had a beautiful ending to the day as we arrived in Albuquerque, NM. Tomorrow morning we head on to Vegas to see my mom!

03212010 065

Slightly excited….

I think Chewie is a little excited about our road trip!

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First Day of Spring…

Supposedly it is the first day of spring- could have fooled me!

03202010 045
Jan and I are in El Reno, OK on or way to Vegas to see my mom for a few days! Aside from the snow we have had a great trip so far- We started out yesterday and made it to Olive Branch, MS and spent the night with my cousins Soni and Matt! It was a lot of fun catching up with them, and we enjoyed a nice dinner and a comfy bed! Thanks Guys!  We set off this morning and met our friends Ray and Bethany for lunch in Little Rock. It’s a funny story about them- We first met Ray and Bethany in Santa Rosa, NM 2 years ago while we were on our cross country motorcycle trip, and have managed to stay in touch thanks to computers. Well today we met up with them again and had a great time! Hopefully this was just one of many encounters we will have with the two of them!

03202010 021

Official Christening…

03192010 023While driving past Hurricane Mills, TN- with only 1850 miles on our new car, Hans was officially christened with this awesome rock chip in the middle of the windshield! Shoot!

Bowling with Kendall

Kendall turned 3 today and we all celebrated over the weekend with a bowling party!

Times are “a changing”

03142010 004
I absolutely love this time change! OK, I admit I hate losing the hour of sleep, but I love having the extra hour of daylight in the evening. I took this photo around 7:00 p.m.

39th(?) Birthday!

03142010 ma

Love ya Ma

Super Bull

03132010 099

Tonight Jan and I went to the Super Bull competition in Greenville. This is the first bull riding event Jan has ever been to, so it was a lot of fun to watch her excitement as the bulls “kicked” some bull riders butts!

03132010 138

We watched 40 riders compete, but only a couple were able to hang on for the full 8.0 seconds.

03132010 064

Take time to smell the….tulips!

03072010 046

The weather has been awesome here the last couple of days- so nice in fact that the tulips are starting to come up! (thanks Kay for the tulips). We went out for another ride today, and it was so much warmer than Friday. Okay so it was only about 10 degrees warmer, but that makes a huge difference on the back of the trike!

03072010 016