Monthly Archive for June, 2010

Lunar Attempt…

Took another stab at trying to get a decent moon picture, the problem, either I can get a nice detail shot of the moon, but everything around it is pitch black, or I get some of the color of the sky and the moon is totally blown out! Oh well, I have fun trying.

Upstate Pride 2010

Today Jan and I rode over to Spartanburg, SC to join in on Upstate Pride.  It’s estimated approx 1500 people showed up in support of LGBT pride, as well as a few groups of  protesters.  Considering this is only the 2nd annual gay pride march in Spartanburg, they had a fairly good turn out.

Gatlinburg 2010

Last week we drove to Gatlinburg to meet with Steve and Maggie as they travel cross country on their 2010 whirl wind tour! They rented a cabin while in the area and were gracious enough to invite us up for a night.

We had a great visit and a beautiful picnic along the river.

June 13, 2010 Distractions…

This afternoon a bunny came streaking across the backyard and plopped down at the corner of the yard. I suppose the heat ( 97 degrees, which broke a record for Greenville) and speed at which she traveled wore her to a frazzle. She looked so relaxed as she gazed over towards the lake.  Once she disappeared into the woods I couldn’t help but notice how pretty the Gardenia bush is looking!


Hercules Steve

As seen on the road…

Drive faster….

YouTube Preview Image

…I hear banjo music!

Hillbilly Nation

On our way home from the waterfalls yesterday- Jan and I stopped off at a little mountain “watering hole” to cool off. This is what we found…

Twin Falls, SC

Jan and I took a little ride on the trike today so we could hike to the 75 ft falls of Twin Falls here in upstate South Carolina.

It was a beautiful ride, nice hike and awesome falls!