Monthly Archive for July, 2010

Multiple Exposure

I finally got around to doing a double exposure of the moon. I took one longer exposure (4 seconds) of the trees and sky and one faster exposure (1/13 of a second) of the moon.

Chocolate Overload…

Isn’t that a cute Birthday Cake. It’s called Chocolate Overload… and let me tell ya, a couple of bites is about all you can handle at one time!

Red Barn

Gilreath Mill

Gilreath mill is thought to have been built in 1814, but the first contemporary accounting of the mill is in 1839. The mill is located near Greer, SC on Highway 101.

Over the years, Gilreath Mill has also been known as Taylor Mill, Heller Mill & Bruce’s Mill. It was placed on the National Registry of Historical Places in 1976


ISO 100, f22, 3 seconds

I’ve been playing around with long exposures on my camera lately, and I figured a perfect place to get a nice shot would be at Wildcat Branch Falls. I’ve taken photos there before, but these from today are my favorites.

ISO 100, f22, 2.5 seconds

Summer or Fall?

With the high temperatures and humidity, it sure feels like Summer, but it’s looking like Fall…

Keith & Bonnie

Since I always talk about our Redneck Neighbor Keith, I thought I would post a photo of him. And who could resist cute little Bonnie.

End of an Era…

July 2010

This is all that remains of the dock at our lake. It was deteriorating and unsafe… So Keith the Redneck and Joe, our other neighbor, pulled it out with their tractors. Boys and their toys… It’s good that it’s gone, but it sure looked pretty in pictures!

Nov 2009

Stealth Bomber…

Linda came over last night so I could do some troubleshooting on her computer, and as we were sitting in the living room we heard a thumping on the window- and then we could see a huge shadow. It looked like there was a bat flying around the front porch light. When I walked Linda out, this huge moth was hanging out on the window.


On Monday I was out watching Keith, the redneck next door neighbor using a tractor to cut brush and small trees along the lake. I was casually staring off towards the lake- when ZAP…. I got stung, again… that makes 3 stings in just a couple of days. This time instead of yellow jackets it was a wasp, or hornet or some other crazy stinging flying creature. We just assumed Keith had stirred them up with the tractor. But today when I was out mowing along the lake, I bumped into some chairs we have out there for fishing, and a black “cloud” came rushing out from under them. I’m not sure what they are for sure, I suspect they are hornets. No matter what they are, I got the heck out of there in a hurry. (then grabbed my camera of course) As it turns out, I was lucky I only got the one sting on Monday- just before I got stung, I had moved those chairs out of the way so Keith could maneuver his tractor closer to the lake.