Monthly Archive for August, 2010

Beautiful Beaches, Great Friends

Three photo composite image – Harris Beach, Brookings Oregon

Jan has been in Oregon almost a week and she has been having a great time with our good friends Jan and Joie. Today they went for a nice walk at Harris Beach in Brookings. The Coast of Oregon is so rugged and beautiful!  Tomorrow Jan will start her journey back home. She has a couple of stops to make along the way, so I think she will be gone for another week and a half or so. It will be good to have her back at home- me and the kitties all miss her!

A trip to Brookings wouldn’t be complete without seeing Fely!

Fire filled day…

Jan spent the night in Eureka, CA and this morning as she was walking out to her truck to leave she heard sirens, and found that the hotel across the street was on fire. According to the Times-Standard in Eureka, several of the rooms were fully involved in flame and guests had to evacuate into the parking lot. It kind of sounds like the fire started in the laundry facility of the hotel and spread to adjacent rooms and the attic.  From Jan’s location she couldn’t see the actual fire, but got a good dose of smoke!  While Jan was having her fire fun in Eureka I was spending time with our friend Keith(not the redneck) as he was burning some rubbish on a lot he and his wife Kim had recently purchased.


Jan is on a solo trip out to Oregon to take care of some business and visit with good friends. I stayed back here in South Carolina since my fall classes start on Monday. Late yesterday and early today she was in a fog (not sure if it was due to the 5 days on the road… or the weather). Either way, she is now in Brookings, OR having a great time! I miss her, but glad she’s enjoying herself!

Shooting Persied

So I went out tonight to attempt to photograph the Perseid meteor shower. The only thing I accomplished was getting stung (yet again) by a hornet. I could have sworn, hornets weren’t active at night. Guess what- at least one is! I was having technical difficulties with my camera. I couldn’t keep the shutter open for more than about a minute and a half, whereas the other night I took exposures as long as 10 minutes. Well anyway- the happy part of the story- I did see meteors- just didn’t photograph any!

58 second exposure

Star Gazer…

4.5 minute exposure

Black Cherry

Jan got herself a new Trike- it’s a 2006 Honda Goldwing 1800. It has a 2008 California Sidecar trike kit. It’s a sharp looking machine!