Monthly Archive for December, 2010


Hard to believe it was nice enough to weat shorts on December 31st…

“The First Coast”

Today Jan and I drove down to St. Augustine, FL and visited the lighthouse on Anastasia Island. The Island has been the home of 2 different towers. The first was built in 1737, and the current lighthouse was built in 1874).

We also took a stroll along the streets of historic St. Augustine.


Jan and Lori in the Garden of Good and Evil
(Forsyth Park – Savannah, GA)

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Winter Wonderland

Day after Christmas and we have snow everywhere- and the lake has a thin layer of ice


Christmas 2010

Arien is looking for her gift.

Next year, instead of gifts, we are just gonna give them wrapping paper!

47 Years in the making…

The last white Christmas in Upstate South Carolina was in 1943…

Look at what the wind blew in…

Santa came a little early this year!