Hurricane Ike vs Texas…

Wow- have you noticed how huge Ike has gotten. With the outer bands, he nearly fills up the whole gulf. He has already flooded parts of Galveston and the storm surge is expected to reach 22 feet by the time the center makes landfall Saturday morning. I can’t even imagine what that would look like! I know if I lived in the area I would be running for drier ground inland. The devastation from this storm is going to be enormous. My Aunt Cindy just bought a house in Bay City, TX last month- I’ll keep her and everyone else in the area in my thoughts tonight and through the weekend.

09122008 gas prices

We are experiencing price gouging at the pumps- yesterdays price was in the $3.30’s and today we are looking at prices around $1.30 higher… Apparently a lot of area stations have run out of gas already. I’m not planning on panicking over this. Hopefully when my tank is empty- we can find gas- but until then I’m gonna sit back and relax! (maybe go fishing…)

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