Day 2 Road Trip- May 21, 2008


Our first morning on the road we decided we should try to eat at as many local restauraunts as we can so we can get a flavor for the area we are visiting. So we went to Loretta Lynn’s Kitchen in Hurricane Mills, TN. The food was pretty good and there was a lot of L.L. memorabilia there if you are a fan it would be a good place to visit. There is also a museum in town that we didn’t visit- guess we aren’t big enough fans!


This is the picture that was right above our table- made me feel like we were having breakfast with Loretta Lynn herself.2-2

Here I am on the trike. I sure have a comfy seat!


Memphis, TN


Entering Arkansas- crossing the Mississippi River bridge.


Jan and I cruising through Arkansas. The weather was beautiful. As you can see we have headset communications so we can talk to each otherĀ  on the road. We can also listen to our satellite radio through the headsets.


Even though we have our headsets for communication- I still like to use hand signals now and then to talk to Jan!


Cruising in comfort.


Common sights on the road.


Skies over western Arkansas. We spent our 2nd night on the road in Fort Smith, AR

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