(Nearly) weekly ride- Aug 17, 2008

Here are a few shots from todays ride…

BRP Pink Beds

817 034 Above:
The view of the Pink Beds
along the Blue Ridge Parkway. (named for the profusion of pink wildflowers that grow there in the spring, including mountain laurel and rhododendron) Elevation 4822

We went for a ride with Ken and Linda today. We didn’t go last week- Ken was out of state- and the week before Linda had some major school work to finish up for the semester. It felt great to get back out on the road with them…

All along the Parkway we saw hundreds of butterflies- during one of our stops I got this shot of two of them “dancing” around a flower bed.
817 080
jan ken 817 Ken and Jan

817 153

We stopped off at the French Broad River, near Hendersonville, NC. Every time I see the river I think of a song by Michelle Malone- called Lafayette (you can hear it here).

When we first walked down to the rivers edge we saw this little catfish hanging out. He was so calm I was able to reach down and touch his tail. The photo of the fish didn’t turn out great- but I really like the reflection of the trees and the sky in the water…

817 150

ken linda 817 Our good buddies- Ken and Linda…. We love ya… yeah we do…

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