Braves: 12 Rockies: 4

05202009 braves

(nine photo composite)
Jan & I have been trying to figure out where we could go for a short little trip- you see, the last 2 years on May 20th we have been away from home. Last year we started out on our 5 week motorcycle trip, and in 2007 we were in Oregon! Neither one of use could really decide what we should do this year- that is until about one-o’clock this afternoon when I asked Jan- “How about going to a Braves game?” It took her all of about 5 seconds to agree. This was my first MLB game- and it’s definitely one to remember! I have a feeling we will probably be making a habit of coming to the games. We had a blast! Braves: 12 Rockies: 4

above: During the 4th inning- Rockies Pitcher Jorge De La Rosa pitches to Braves Jeff Francoeur. De La Rosa gave up 9 runs in that inning. During the 6th inning Braves infielder Omar Infante broke his left hand when he was hit by a pitch from Rockies Manny Corpas. Ouch!

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