Grandma- This one is for you!

Even though my grandma doesn’t have internet, and won’t see this unless my Aunt Barb prints it out for her, I wanted to put this image up for her. One thing I remember as a kid is how much my grandma loved butterflies. She had little butterfly knick-knacks thoughout her house. She also gave me a butterfly sun catcher (which is proudly displayed in our sunroom) she had painted while recovering from back surgery. Anyway, Grandma- This one is for you! Love you!
Grandma- This one is for you!
I saw it while I was out fishing, and was happy that I had decided to take my telephoto lens on todays excursion, considering the closest I could get to it was about 10 ft. I have no idea what kind of butterfly it is- I did a little bit of Internet searching trying to find out- but I really didn’t find anything.

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