Dad… as of 5:00pm June 16th

I don’t have an update from today yet- but yesterdays update goes as such. I tried calling the hospital several times and the nurse never answered… she/he was busy with stuff so I never got to talk to any of them, but my brother did call me and let me know that dad was doing a lot better than he had the 2 days before. He had been very combative with everyone, including Kenny, but seemed to have calmed down quite a bit. I guess Kenny just put it point blank to him and told him “he didn’t care if he ended up staying in the hospital forever… because if he didn’t let the hospital staff do what they needed to do… he wouldn’t get better!” I guess after that dad kinda calmed down a bit and thanked the nurse for helping. At one point over the last couple of days dad offered Kenny $2,000 to go get him a hamburger and to take him home. Ken told him “I’ll take the money, but you can’t have a hamburger and I’m not taking you home!” Dad didn’t like that reply to well. Kenny was saying the hospital said he could have his cellphone- so he can call Grandma. He has been worried about not talking to her. That will make Grandma real happy to hear from him for sure! I can only imagine how worried she has been considering they usually talk every day. They have indeed removed the tubes and pressure monitor from his head- so things must be moving along well. I will update again when I talk to his nurse. Hopefully I will get to talk to him as well!

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