Getting closer…

I’m sitting in a motel in Columbia, MO- 800 miles and 12 hours of driving and I’m too tired to say much other than I will get to Kearney tomorrow to see my dad (and brother). This will be my last actual night with internet on my computer until my return trip when I stay in a motel while I stop in Omaha to see Grandma (and of course Barb and Mose).

Last report my dad was doing pretty good. He is in rehabilitation. He has been talking nonsense about “breaking out” of the hospital and had us all a bit on edge. Kenny explained to him that if he left before the Dr gave their approval, insurance won’t pay his bill… I think that may have sunk in and last I heard he was planning on staying.

Time to settle in for the night before I collapse. Only 7 more hours on the road- Yipee!!

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  • Glad to hear you are close hon, take care and tell Ken hello for me. Tell your dad he is in our prayers and thoughts if the time is right. Love ya

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