Dad… June 23rd

Dad doesn’t seem to be as confused as he has for the last two days, although he did call Kenny this morning telling him to come get him- he claimed the doctor said he could go home. Of course that wasn’t the case. When we got there after his therapy, the nurse told us he was pretty mad that we hadn’t gone to pick him up! I guess he got over it, since he wasn’t mad when he saw us. We still don’t know when he will be released, according to him it will be 3 weeks… But can we believe What he says? It would be good if they keep him that long since he is so weak and wobbly.

2 Responses to “Dad… June 23rd”

  • Glad to hear he seems a bit better, I'm sure with any head injury like his confusion is common. The longer they keep him the better it will be when he does get out. I'm glad you and Ken can be there with him. Love ya all

  • How you holding up? I wish I were closer so I could sit with you and keep your mind busy for part of the day anyway. Wish there was more I could do. Thinking of you lots and lots! Love ya

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