Dad… as of 2:00pm July 11th

Things seem to be looking up- During Kenny’s visit with dad today, Kenny said he was a lot more coherent and not as confused as he had been. He knew what day it was, where as in the past he would have to sit and think about it- and typically had to look a the calendar to figure it out! Not to say this is the cure all, but it sounds like the change in meds has made a markable change in his cognitive state. And when I talked to him on the phone he seemed to be more alert! At this time there is a nurse with him at all times- she tracks his every move on a log- this way they can monitor the changes as he takes his meds. From what Kenny was saying, they believe his meds are responsible for about 99% of his abnormal behaviors from the last few weeks. They want to keep him for about another week to make sure the med changes is working well. It also appears that Dad doesn’t remember even being at Kennys. Which is probably a good thing since there was the confrontation between the two of them. Lets just hope this change in meds make all the difference…

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  • Sounds like things may be improving, I hope each day shows marked improvement for him. I'm also glad you and Jan went to see your friends. Love ya all

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