Dad… as of 5:00pm July 13th

When I talked to dad today- it was a lot like talking to pre brain injury dad… we had a good conversation and he seemed really clear about what was going on around him. Aside from the extremely loud tv in his room, he seemed just like he use to be. He asked me about fishing- told me that Kenny hadn’t been catching much… At one point he said he felt like he was in prison, rather than a hospital. He told me they had monitors on his bed and chair- and any time he got up they would go off… I told him they had those on his bed while I was there- his response was that I hadn’t been to see him yet this year- when I told him I spent a week with him at the hospital, he just kinda sighed and said that the nurses admitted that the Dr’s had over medicated him. But it seems that they are getting things leveled out. It was so scary seeing how confused he was while I was there- but if this conversation is any indication- then he is becoming more clear headed.

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  • I'm glad to hear your dad is getting back to his old self. I'm sure it must be a big relief to the entire family. He may not remember that you were there but you know you were and I can imagine it was scary. It does sound like they may be getting the meds straightened out so that is good news. Love ya

  • Doesn't bother me that he doesn't remember me there- mostly it just goes to show how confused and messed up he was with his meds. Hopefully he returns to a slightly "calmer" version on his old self… hahaha

  • this is good news. we're all following and sending your family positive energy.

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