Dad… as of 5:30pm July 14th

It appears dad will be getting out of the hospital tomorrow. When I talked to him today- he still sounded really clear in his thinking and aware of the things around him. I can’t say how mush weight has been lifted these last 2 days. We went from a week ago believing that we would have to put dad in a care center, to now believing that with a little more time and therapy he will be on his own again. What an awesome feeling! He told me that he had a special Therapy session where the 2 big wigs were there (his Dr’s) and they were making him go through a handful of exercises- walking sideways with one foot crossing the other- walking backwards, turning around and walking backwards to where he started… Mostly to check his balance and coordination I’m sure. He said they were pleased with his progress.

I found out today, when Kenny took dad back to the hospital a week ago- someone there told him that dad was fine and that perhaps Kenny was the problem. I can’t believe they said that to him. Kenny did everything he could, and then some for dad. I guess since they couldn’t see an obvious problem, then of course there couldn’t be anything wrong. They have since admitted to dad and Kenny that it was their mistake in medicating him. I’m glad Kenny has gotten a little affirmation that he did what he could- and that NO it wasn’t his fault that dad was being so combative. The last 3 days that dad was with Kenny, he didn’t even know who Kenny was. He was so confused he had no idea what was going on.

Kenny was telling me today that the look in dads eyes has even changed greatly. A week ago they were kind of empty and lost. They are now filled with life and spark. Kenny will be taking dad back to his house again- I don’t expect there will be the problems that they had the first time around.

Even though this isn’t the end of the story of dads recovery- I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who sent their thoughts and prayers to dad and the family. It really means a lot.

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