Braves: 8 Giants: 1

Braves: 8 Giants: 1

Another great Braves game- Tonight we had a lot of fun watching one of the ushers dancing the night away… I tell you what, that man has a lot of energy. He was like that ALL night long!

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Braves: 8 Giants: 1As you can tell, we followed our diet to a tee! The only plus side to getting the funnel cake… we had to walk completely around the ball field to find it! So hopefully we burned off all the calories we ate!

We have another game tomorrow night, so we have to find a way to spend the day in Atlanta. The only plan we have is lunch at Benihana’s. Yea!

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  • You girls are just having way to much fun. By the way you could call Gary, he is laid off at work now. Love ya and keep having fun.

  • I didn't know he was laid off or I probably would have called him. By the time I found out it was too late. Heading home in the AM.

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