Sitting down on the job…

Sitting down on the job...
Jan caught me sitting down on the job today… literally! We got a second load of river rock to place along the wall at the driveway.
Sitting down on the job...
About a year and a half ago, Jan and I had our driveway widened, and put up a cinder block wall to help keep all the red mud where it belong (which is NOT in the driveway) We planted a couple of Roses, Indian Hawthorne bushes and some Juniper Rug along the top of the wall and we finally getting around to putting some of the “finishing touches” to the project. Last spring we did put down some mulch- but I think the river rock will make a nice border. We are gonna go get a load of black mulch to fill in the area directly around the plants. At some point down the road we need to get some flat blocks to lay along the top of the cinder blocks to finish it off as well.
Sitting down on the job...
Sitting down on the job...Here’s an odd looking mushroom I found in the plants today. I’m not sure what kind it is- but I thought it was pretty cool! I found another surprise while picking up little sticks and such… a snake! It was just a black snake- and I could have probably let him be- but Jan is scared of snakes (who can blame her) so I killed it… As I was scooping it up with the hoe to throw off into the ditch, the neighbor dog, Bonnie, started growling and carrying on and barking (which she never does unless there is a good reason) Jan went over to see what was up, and Bonnie had found a Copperhead! By the time I got over there with the hoe to kill it, the snake had already coiled up and was ready to strike at Bonnie. Thank goodness she alerted us to the “danger”! Good dog Bonnie- I think we ought to call her Lassie!

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  • The rock really looks good, the mushroom is very unique, I think your yard is looking fantastic. You two are certainly getting a lot done and it is showing.
    I think Bonnie deserves a tbone steak or at least a rawhide chew toy. Love yas

  • We keep a supply of Milkbones in the shed next to where she is fenced in- she got 2 tonight! She's a good girl for sure! I'm glad I had a hoe handy so I could transform the snake into about 5 different pieces- which are now all in the ditch! (along with the other snake)

  • My bad- originally I said cottonmouth- it was a copperhead! duh!

  • A snake is a snake by any name so Bonnie still did good. It still started with a C so you were real close. Love yas

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