Nothing much…

Nothing much...Not much new going on around here. The last few days Jan and I have both been worn out from our work outside. The work itself wouldn’t be so bad- but with the heat and humidity it sure wears you out. Stubby will turn 4 this week. Hard to believe. He has really become a confident little dude- for those of you that have met him, you know that he use to be very skittish and shy. Earlier this week, Jan and I spread the rest of the mulch we had. We put it in an area in the backyard. We had to go get another truckload so later we can finish it up. We also transplanted a few Mountain Laurels. Originally there were some railroad ties that were used as a boundary for the “flower bed”. We’ve moved those and under one we found an Eastern Mud Salamander. It was such an awesome color.

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  • Stubby certainly looks comfortable lol. The back yard is really looking good, and I would imagine you two would be sore and tired with all the work you have done.
    Hug the kids for me and tell them granny loves em. Love you two

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