Tricky Turn

1011091534A couple of weeks ago Jan and I were out for a little ride on the trike, trying to see if our” low fuel” light would come one (we’ve never seen it before, so we’re not sure if it works). We rode all around the Travelers Rest area where we would be close to a gas station, when we came across this sight. We could have turned around and gone another way, but instead we sat there for a little over an hour watching the crew trying to make a tight turn with this large load. In order to get the house around the corner, they had to back it up into the field on the left. Unfortunately they couldn’t get the house back up over the ditch once they got it straightened out. They ended up have to get a large front-end loader to come help pull it out. We never did find out if our “low fuel” light turns on- we had to hurry back home because my Aunt Cindy and Cousin Kristy were coming for a visit.

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