Keith the “Saint”?

Last night I talked to our neighbor- Keith the “Redneck”, about borrowing his BIG leaf blower. We needed to get the leaves up off the ground so our other neighbor- Eric the “Landscaper” could bring his crew over to put down some more seed and see if we could get this yard looking half way decent. Anyway, back to Keith. When we talked to him earlier this morning he said the leaf blower was a bugger to get started so to let him know when I would be coming to get it, and he would help me get it started. Well the next thing we knew- he was out there clearing the backyard! So does that mean we now have to start referring to him as Keith the “Saint”?

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  • Well I think “Keith The Redneck Saint” sounds like a good title for him now, I’m glad you have neighbors to help and to look out for you two. Love yas

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