On Monday I was out watching Keith, the redneck next door neighbor using a tractor to cut brush and small trees along the lake. I was casually staring off towards the lake- when ZAP…. I got stung, again… that makes 3 stings in just a couple of days. This time instead of yellow jackets it was a wasp, or hornet or some other crazy stinging flying creature. We just assumed Keith had stirred them up with the tractor. But today when I was out mowing along the lake, I bumped into some chairs we have out there for fishing, and a black “cloud” came rushing out from under them. I’m not sure what they are for sure, I suspect they are hornets. No matter what they are, I got the heck out of there in a hurry. (then grabbed my camera of course) As it turns out, I was lucky I only got the one sting on Monday- just before I got stung, I had moved those chairs out of the way so Keith could maneuver his tractor closer to the lake.

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