Weather, Weather, Weather…

Today’s scenery was pretty much exclusively nasty looking clouds. When we started out this morning in Colby, KS, the skies were really dark in the south. The skies then kind of calmed down, but the sun never did really surface. Then as we proceeded east, the skies started looking a little creepy again… and even creepier….. And even creepier yet… I was able to log onto my computer using Sapp Bros internet while we were getting gas- I checked the radar and we decided it was time to call it a day, even though we only rode about 250 miles. We’re in Junction City, KS. As you can see by the radar, if we would have continued on, we would be right in the middle of severe thunderstorms with “damaging winds and hail”. We both felt like we could have continued on another 2-3 hours- but I’m glad we stopped. Better safe than sorry!

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