Just one of many reasons I'm happy we're home…

Just one of many reasons I'm happy we're home...This is one of the 3 fish I caught (2 smallmouth bass and 1 bluegill) within about 25 minutes of fishing- Unfortunately I had to quit fishing right after I caught this one, because we had a downpour! As you can tell I’m getting a little wet! It was in the upper 80’s so the rain felt quite nice!
happy home001It looks like it may have stopped raining- I see the sun again- so I think I’ll go back out fishing…

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  • Ummm yum, fish for dinner? or did you let the little guy go?

    Well, what about the cats?

    Finally, I wish there were a way to see all the comments in one place…I’d like to see how others enjoyed the ride with you two.


  • I let the fish go… figured it was the nice thing to do…actually, I will keep some later for a nice fish fry! I’ll get some pics of the kitties and post them for you. It would be nice if there was a place to check all the comments, but no such luck! thanks for the comments- LP

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