Hey Diddle Diddle…. The Cat and the Fiddle….

Lunar Delight

our moon

We had such a beautiful moon tonight- Anytime one of us sees a full moon we always grab the other and show them the beautiful sight. Tonight Jan spotted it first and we went outside to take a look. I think the prettiest moon we have seen together was in October 2006 in Omaha, Ne. We stopped there to see my family, and as we were driving back to our hotel room, the moon loomed in front of us- encompassing the whole sky. It was a moment neither of us will forget.

our moon cratersThe moon has always fascinated me- I, like most kids believed the moon was made of cheese. And I often tried to see the cow jump over the moon. But tonight as I downloaded my pictures- and was looking at the craters- I got a little curious. So I made this little lunar map. There are MILLIONS of impact craters that scar the surface of the moon. Objects (Asteroids, Comets and Meteorites) collide with the moon at an average of 12 miles per second causing craters that range in sizes up to many hundreds of kilometers wide. Many of the largest craters have been flooded by lava so you can’t distinguish the enormity of those craters.

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