Guard Toad

We came home late tonight- and the only lights on were our landscape lights along our block wall in the driveway. As I walked past one- I noticed our “Guard Toad” was on duty…


While on our trip- a friend of ours introduced me to the game Kakuro. It’s a really obnoxious numbers game. Well… long story short- I now love the darn game and had to go out and get some more books- Unfortunetly I couldn’t find any books here in the Greenville area so I had to order some on

001-1What was I thinking when I ordered a Mensa and Black Belt version of the game….

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  • CaCaro or coocooro, any other name does not describe it!!!

    Happy belated birthday. Looks like you had fun.

    What do you dip in the chocolate fondue?

    Miss yous.


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